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Calendar Year 1998

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review.  The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.  If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly  HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, SM:  College of Science and Mathematics, and PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies.  Former School abbreviations before Spring 2003:  US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research).

Posted College Course # Course Title View Status
11/30/98 HCB BA660

Strategic Cost Analysis and Financial Application

BA660 Completed
11/30/98 ED EX611

Historical Perspectives, Present Practices, & Future Issues in Special Ed.

EX611 Completed
11/30/98 ED EX612

Integrating Assistive Technology

EX612 Completed
11/30/98 ED EX695

Practicum in Exceptional Child Education

EX695 Completed
11/30/98 ED PE615

Teaching Developmentally Appropriate Physical Education

PE615 Completed
11/3/98 ST AG290

Economic Entomology

AG290 Completed
11/3/98 ST AO323

Plant Pathology

AO323 Completed
11/3/98 ST AO325

Agrichemicals Management

AO325 Completed
11/3/98 ST AG334

Agribusiness Finance

AG334 Completed
11/3/98 ST EV201

Environmental Science Seminar

EV201 Completed
11/3/98 ST EV401

Environmental Science Seminar

EV401 Completed
11/3/98 ST HO230

Ornamental Plants II

HO230 Completed
10/28/98 ST AG433

Agricultural and Food Policy

AG433 Completed
10/28/98 ST CS485

Internship in Computer Science

CS485 Completed
10/28/98 ST CS481, 482, 483

Problems in Computer Science

CS481, 482, 483 Completed
10/28/98 ST IS130

Visual Basic Programming I

IS130 Completed
10/28/98 HCB EC 351

Applied Economic Models

EC351 Completed
10/28/98 HCB EC499

Economics Seminar

EC499 Completed


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