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Calendar Year 1999

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review.  The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.  If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly  HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, SM:  College of Science and Mathematics, and PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies.  Former School abbreviations before Spring 2003:  US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research).

Posted College Course # Course Title View Status
12/14/99 HCB AD422

Training in Administrative Systems

AD422 Completed
11/19/99 HCB EC344

Environmental Economics

EC344 Completed
11/19/99 HHS CF509

Child Life Services in Medical Settings

CF509 Completed
11/19/99 HHS NS605

Advanced Nursing Concepts

NS605 Completed
11/19/99 HHS NS606

Advanced Nursing Concepts II

NS606 Completed
11/19/99 HHS NS612

Nursing Legal and Ethical Issues

NS612 Completed
11/19/99 HHS NS633

Advanced Nursing Roles I

NS633 Completed
11/19/99 HHS NS634

Advanced Nursing Roles II

NS634 Completed
11/19/99 HHS NS641


NS641 Completed
11/19/99 HHS NS642

Advanced Roles Seminar

NS642 Completed
11/19/99 HHS NS693

Nursing Research Project

NS693 Completed
11/19/99 ST EV661

Business Strategies for Corporate Environmental Management

EV661 Completed
11/9/99 LA EN115

Experiencing English Language and American Culture

EN115 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS180

The Nursing Profession

NS180 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS181

Professional Practice: Clinical Skills

NS181 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS182

Professional Practice: Rural Nursing

NS182 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS183

Physical Aspects of the Well Client

NS183 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS184

Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of the Well Client

NS184 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS281

Professional Practice: Family Nursing I

NS281 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS282

Professional Practice: Family Nursing II

NS282 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS283

Professional Practice: Medical-Surgical Nursing I

NS283 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS380

Holistic Assessment

NS380 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS383

Professional Practice: Medical-Surgical Nrs. II

NS383 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS384

Professional Practice: Mental Health Nursing

NS384 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS385

Research in Professional Practice

NS385 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS386

Professional Practice: Community Health Nursing

NS386 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS390

Framework for Professional Nursing

NS390 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS480

Professional Practice: Leadership & Mgmt.

NS480 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS481

Advanced Assessment

NS481 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS482

Professional Seminar

NS482 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS483

Professional Practice: Care of the Frail Elderly

NS483 Completed
11/1/99 HHS NS484

Comprehensive Professional Practice

NS484 Completed
10/27/99 LA AR375

3D Digital Imaging

AR375 Completed
10/27/99 LA AR376

3D Digital Animation

AR376 Completed
10/21/99 ST EV471

Topics in Environmental Science

EV471 Completed
10/21/99 ST EV475

Readings in Environmental Science

EV475 Completed
10/21/99 ST EV481

Environmental Science Internship

EV481 Completed
10/21/99 ST EV491

Undergraduate Research

EV491 Completed
10/20/99 HCB BA651

Strategic Marketing

BA651 Completed
10/20/99 HCB BA667

Liability Risks in Products and Services

BA667 Completed
10/5/99 LA LI587

Women and Madness

LI587 Completed
9/28/99 ST EV453/653

Occupational Health

9/28/99 ST EV454/654

Risk Assessment Applications

9/16/99 US UI100

First Year Seminar

UI100 Completed
7/8/99 ED GC629

Finance and Assessment in Higher Education

GC629 Completed
7/8/99 ED GC630 Cultural Diversity in Higher Education GC630 Completed
7/8/99 ED GC631

Foundations of Higher Education II: Leadership

GC631 Completed
6/9/99 ST AO834

Grassland Evaluation

AO834 Completed
5/24/99 ST BI190

Life Processes

BI190 Completed
5/24/99 ST CH350/EV350

Environmental Chemistry

CH350/EV350 Completed
5/24/99 ST EP411-413

Industrial Internship in Physics

EP411-413 Completed
4/28/99 ST EP361/EP501

Thermal Analysis

EP361/EP501 Completed
4/28/99 ST EP461/EP502

Computer Applications

EP461/EP502 Completed
4/28/99 ST EP462/EP503

Materials Science

EP462/EP503 Completed
4/28/99 ST PH341/PH501


PH341/PH501 Completed
4/28/99 ST PH370/PH503


PH370/PH503 Completed
4/28/99 ST PH371/PH504


PH371/PH504 Completed
4/28/99 ST PH473/PH505

Quantum Mechanics

PH473/PH505 Completed
4/27/99 ST BI840

Cave Life for Teachers

BI840 Completed
4/26/99 ED EL660

Reading Recovery® Advocate Seminar I

EL660 Completed
4/26/99 ED EL661

Reading Recovery® Advocate Seminar II

EL661 Completed
4/26/99 HHS HL672

Health Promotion Programs

HL672 Completed
4/8/99 HHS TR116

Special Topics in Health and Leisure

TR116 Completed
4/8/99 HHS TR316

Special Topics in Health and Leisure

TR316 Completed
3/5/99 LA FL205

The Art of French Cinema

FL205 Completed
2/23/99 ED AT103


AT103 Completed
2/18/99 ST BI450/650

Molecular Biology Investigations

BI450/650 Completed
2/18/99 ST ST601

Introduction to Science Education

ST601 Completed
2/8/99 ST CS382

MS NT Networks

CS382 Completed
2/3/99 PI ET100

Networking Fundamentals and Router Technologies

ET100 Completed
2/3/99 PI ET101

Network Design and Advanced Routing

ET101 Completed
2/3/99 PI ET194

Fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers

ET194 Completed
2/3/99 PI ET370

Computer Peripherals, Networking and Routers

ET370 Completed
2/3/99 PI MN260

Technical Computer Programming Applications

MN260 Completed
2/3/99 PI MN416

Manufacturing Seminar

MN416 Completed
1/28/99 ED EA787

Topics, Issues and Trends in School Administration

EA787 Completed
1/28/99 ED EA789

Superintendent's Assessment

EA789 Completed
1/28/99 ED GC690

Advanced Internship in Counseling

GC690 Completed
1/28/99 ED SE600

Multimedia in Education

SE600 Completed
1/28/99 ST MA841

Topics in Middle School Mathematics

MA841 Completed
1/13/99 ED CE340

Parent/School Collaborations in Elementary/Early Childhood Education

CE340 Completed
1/13/99 ED EL210

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

EL210 Completed
1/13/99 ED EL312

Multimedia in the Classroom

EL312 Completed
1/13/99 ED EL321

Using Internet in the Classroom

EL321 Completed
1/13/99 ED EL585

Technology Planning and Hardware

EL585 Completed
1/13/99 ED EL626

Principles of Instructional Design

EL626 Completed
1/13/99 ED EX268

Assistive Technology

EX268 Completed
1/13/99 ED EX628

Introduction to Students Receiving Cross-Categorical Services

EX628 Completed
1/13/99 ED EX652

Methods of Teaching Students Receiving Cross-Categorical Services

EX652 Completed
1/13/99 ED SE260

Introduction to Instructional Design

SE260 Completed
1/13/99 ED SE360

Integrating Technology into the Content Areas

SE360 Completed
1/7/99 HHS RC304

Therapeutic Recreation: Program Design

RC304 Completed
1/7/99 HHS TR180

Cultural Heritage Tourism: An Introduction

TR180 Completed


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