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Calendar Year 2000

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review.  The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.  If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly  HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, SM:  College of Science and Mathematics, and PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies.  Former School abbreviations before Spring 2003:  US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research).

Posted College Course # Course Title View Status
12/11/00 ED PE834

Preparation for APENCE

PE834 Completed
12/5/00 LA PL481


PL481 Completed
11/27/00 SM ST660

Advanced Topics in Science Education

ST660 Completed
11/27/00 LA GN424

Twentieth-Century German Literature

GN424 Completed
11/27/00 LA SN400

Special Topics: Spanish

SN400 Completed
11/21/00 LA MC438

Public Relations Campaigns

MC438 Completed
11/14/00 SM BI300

Introduction to Evolutionary Biology

BI300 Completed
11/14/00 SM BI345

Laboratory Methods in Biological Chemistry

BI345 Completed
11/13/00 HCB MG464

Systems Implementation and Practice

MG464 Completed
11/3/00 HHS HL280

Basic Skills in Athletic Training

HL280 Completed
11/2/00 ED GC653

Theories of Counseling

GC653 Completed
11/2/00 SPS IM472

Technical Project Management

IM472 In discussion, removed from Process
11/2/00 SPS MN220

Engineering Economic Analysis

MN220 Completed
11/2/00 ED SM360

Sport Governance and Event Management

SM360 Completed
11/2/00 ED SM455

Sport-Related Venue Design and Operation

SM455 Completed
11/2/00 ED SM460

Sport Finance and Marketing

SM460 In discussion, removed from Process
11/2/00 ED SM465

Sport Management Senior Seminar

SM465 Completed
11/1/00 ED EX273

Introduction to Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical

EX273 Completed
11/1/00 ED EX373

Techniques of Teaching the Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical

EX373 Completed
11/1/00 ED EX428

Student Teaching Experience I

EX428 Completed
10/19/00 ED EA915

Program Planning and Evaluation

EA915 Completed
10/19/00 SM BI838

Nature Journaling

BI838 Completed
10/18/00 SM CH499

Professional Presentation in Chemistry

CH499 Completed
10/17/00 HCB BA668

The Financial Environment

BA668 Completed
10/17/00 HHS HL621

Exercise in Health and Disease

HL621 Completed
10/17/00 ED SE460

Practicum (Alternative Certification)

SE460 Completed
10/17/00 SM IS330

Visual Basic Programming II

IS330 Completed
9/22/00 SM CH618

Topics in Chemistry Education

CH618 Completed
9/20/00 HHS FN&HL690

Seminar in Nutrition and Exercise Science

FN&HL690 Completed
9/11/00 HHS HL263

Sports Injury Management

HL263 Completed
7/18/00 LA UI369

Vice and Virtue

UI369 Completed
7/17/00 SM UI330/PH345

Experimental Methods I

UI330/PH345 Completed
7/13/00 SM BI225

Research Methods in Biology

BI225 Completed
5/17/00 US UI390

The Film Musical

UI390 Completed
5/15/00 HHS GI631

AP Institute: Human Geography

GI631 Completed
5/10/00 ED SE480

Independent Study in Middle and Secondary Education

SE480 Completed
5/8/00 HHS CJ691, 692, 693

Independent Study in Criminal Justice

CJ691, 692, 693 Completed
5/1/00 LA UI440

The Holocaust

UI440 Completed
4/27/00 ED EL643

Language and Literacy Learning in an Arts-Rich Classroom

EL643 Completed
4/27/00 LA GI640

A.P. Institute: English Vertical Teams

GI640 Completed
4/13/00 LA UI418

The European Mind

UI418 Completed
3/27/00 HHS CJ526

Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice

CJ526 Completed
3/27/00 HHS CJ535

Civil Law and Liability

CJ535 Completed
3/27/00 HHS CJ538

Crime and Criminal Justice Public Policy

CJ538 Completed
3/27/00 HHS CJ601

Research Methodology in Criminal Justice

CJ601 Completed
3/27/00 HHS CJ615

Theory and Criminal Justice

CJ615 Completed
3/27/00 HHS CJ837

Criminal Justice Summer Workshop for Teachers

CJ837 Completed
3/24/00 ED EA682

Seminar in School Improvement Leadership I

EA682 Completed
3/24/00 ED EA781

Seminar in School Improvement Leadership II

EA781 Completed
3/24/00 SPS ET462&562

Networking I

ET462&562 Completed
3/24/00 SPS ET464&564

Telecommunications and Networking II

ET464&564 Completed
3/24/00 SPS ET468&568

Industrial Controls

ET468&568 Completed
3/24/00 SPS ET470&570

Energy Management

ET470&570 Completed
3/24/00 SM EV671-673

Topics in Environmental Science

EV671-673 Completed
3/24/00 SM EV675

Readings in Environmental Science

EV675 Completed
3/24/00 LA GI602 Advanced Placement Studio Art GI602 Completed
3/24/00 SPS IM601

Organizational Industrial Safety and Ergonomics

IM601 Completed
3/24/00 SPS IM602

Advanced Quality Concepts

IM602 Completed
3/24/00 SPS IM603 Industrial Supervision in a Diverse Workplace IM603 Completed
3/24/00 SPS IM604

Industrial Facilities Management

IM604 Completed
3/24/00 SPS IM605


IM605 Completed
3/24/00 SPS IM606

Knowledge Management: Approaches, Cases and Challenges

IM606 Completed
3/24/00 SPS IM693

Applied Research

IM693 Completed
3/9/00 SM EV&GO365

Environmental Soil Science

EV&GO365 Completed
3/8/00 SM MA155

Statistical Reasoning

MA155 Completed
2/25/00 SM CS120

Introduction to Computer Science

CS120 Completed
2/25/00 SM CS155

Computer Science I

CS155 Completed
2/25/00 SM CS180

Scientific Computing I

CS180 Completed
2/25/00 SM CS250

Computer Science III

CS250 Completed
2/21/00 LA HP552

Historic Preservation Field School

HP552 Completed
2/18/00 HCB EC840

Enhancing Organizational Performance with Information Technology

EC840 Completed
2/17/00 GSR GI641

AP Institute: Mathematics Vertical Teams

GI641 Completed
2/16/00 LA AR525

Studio Process

AR525 Completed
2/15/00 LA SC&TH240

Oral Interpretation of Literature

SC&TH240 Completed
2/15/00 HCB MG420

Telecommunication Management

MG420 Completed
2/15/00 HCB MG430

Knowledge-based Decision Support Systems for Management

MG430 Completed
2/15/00 HCB MG440

Web Development Tools

MG440 Completed
2/15/00 HCB MG442

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

MG442 In discussion, removed from Process
2/15/00 HCB MG445

Systems Analysis and Design

MG445 Completed
2/15/00 HCB MG449

Electronic Commerce

MG449 Completed
2/15/00 HCB BA671

Business Topics Seminar

BA671 Completed
2/9/00 SM IS235

Introduction to COBOL

IS235 Completed
1/27/00 ED EL876

Reading Recovery® Related Workshop: Creating Balanced Literacy Instructional Settings

EL876 Completed
1/27/00 ED CE652

Advanced Study of Classroom Management

CE652 Completed
1/27/00 SM GI635

AP Institute: Environmental Science

GI635 Completed
1/27/00 SM ST603

Research Methods in Science Education

ST603 Completed
1/26/00 SM EV455/655

Industrial Hygiene

1/26/00 SM EV460/660

Introduction to Toxicology



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