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Calendar Year 2002

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review.  The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.  If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly  HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, SM:  College of Science and Mathematics, and PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies.  Former School abbreviations before Spring 2003:  US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research).

Posted College Course # Course Title View Status
12/03/02 LA UI503 Age of Alexander the Great UI503 Completed
12/03/02 LA WH550 The Atlantic World WH550 Completed
12/03/02 LA US420-660 African Americans During a Time of Slavery US420-660 Completed
11/27/02 HHS CF400 Family Life Practicum CF400 Completed
11/27/02 LA LI578 Studies in Later English Literature LI578 Completed
11/21/02 ED EA626 Introduction to Student Personnel EA626 Completed
11/21/02 ED EA628 Teaching in Higher Education EA628 Completed
11/21/02 ED EA629 Internship in Higher Education EA629 Completed
11/19/02 HHS HL345 Resistance Training Principles and Practices HL345 Completed
11/19/02 HHS HL346 Weight Management Principles and Practices HL346 Completed
11/19/02 HHS HL480 Seminar in Athletic Training HL480 Completed
11/19/02 HHS RC140 Introduction to Recreation Services RC140 Completed
11/19/02 ED EF590/690 Foundations of Curriculum Development EF590/690 Completed
11/19/02 ED EF591/691 History of American Education EF591/691 Completed
11/19/02 ED EF592/692 Philosophy of Education EF592/692 Completed
11/19/02 ED EF596/696 Education in American Society EF596/696 Completed
11/19/02 ED EF680 Topics in Educational Foundations EF680 Completed
10/28/02 LA HP401/HP601 Problems in Historic Preservation HP401/601 Completed
10/21/02 ED CE630 Assessing Young Children's Learning and Development - Part I: Uses of Standardized Measures CE630 Completed
10/21/02 ED CE634 Assessing Young Children's Learning and Development - Part II: Use of Informed Observation CE634 Completed
10/21/02 ED CE652 Advanced Study of Classroom Management CE652 Completed
10/21/02 ED EL607 Portfolio Part I EL607 Completed
10/21/02 ED EL615 Research in Action EL615 Completed
10/21/02 ED EL664 Qualitative and Quantitative Research Designs EL664 Completed
10/21/02 ED EL677 Portfolio Part II EL677 Completed
10/21/02 ED EL678 Portfolio Part III EL678 Completed
10/21/02 ED EX617 Programs, Accommodations, and Resources for Inclusive Practices EX617 Completed
10/21/02 LA LI525 English Drama Before 1800 LI525 Completed
10/21/02 LA LI526 English Drama After 1800 LI526 Completed
10/21/02 LA LI577 Studies in Early English Literature LI577 Completed
10/11/02 SM UI450 Capstone Experience UI450 Completed
10/04/02 LA EN201 Writing About Literature EN201 Completed
09/24/02 HHS FN525 Nutrition Counseling FN525 Completed
07/08/02 SM UI387 Environmental Law and Public Policy UI387 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA105/TH105 Rehearsal & Production I DA105 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA155 Capoeira I DA155 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA190 Practicum in Dance Techniques I DA190 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA225 Jazz Dance II DA225 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA230 Ballroom Dance II DA230 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA235 Tap Dance II DA235 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA245 Line Dance II DA245 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA255 Capoeira II DA255 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA290 Practicum in Dance Techniques II DA290 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA305/TH305 Rehearsal & Production II DA305 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA310 Ballet III DA310 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA325 Jazz Dance III DA325 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA385 Movement Improvisation DA385 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA395 Kinesiology and Physiology of Dance DA395 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA461/TH461 Independent Study DA461 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA462/TH462 Independent Study DA462 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA463/TH463 Independent Study DA463 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA485 Choreography II DA485 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA498/TH498 BFA Project DA498 Completed
06/25/02 LA DA499/TH499 Internship DA499 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH105/DA105 Rehearsal and Production I TH105 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH115 Acting I TH115 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH120 Acting II TH120 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH155 Makeup TH155 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH220 Stage Combat I TH220 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH230 Performance Studies TH230 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH265 Drawing for the Theatre TH265 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH305/DA305 Rehearsal and Production II TH305 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH310 Solo Performance TH310 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH320 Stage Combat II TH320 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH325 Auditioning TH325 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH330 Acting III TH330 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH331 Stagecraft II TH331 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH375 Theatre Management TH375 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH395 Period and Style TH395 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH450 Stage Lighting II TH450 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH451 Costume Design II TH451 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH471 Scene Design II TH471 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH475 Ensemble Theatre TH475 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH485 Directing II TH485 Completed
06/24/02 LA TH498/DA498 BFA Project TH498 Completed
05/28/02 LA AR313 New Genre AR313 Completed
05/28/02 LA AR375 Art & New Technology AR375 Completed
05/28/02 SM ZO465/665 Entomology ZO465/665 Completed
05/06/02 HHS FN530 Implications for Nutrition and Exercise Science: Pathophysiology FN530 Completed
04/30/02 LA TL648 Foundation of Linguistics TL648 Completed
04/08/02 SPS AY305 Horse Science II AY305 Completed
04/08/02 HHS NS009 Comprehensive Examination NS009 Completed
03/26/02 SPS CM310 Construction Contracts and Building Codes CM310 Completed
03/26/02 SPS CM320 Construction Cost Estimating CM320 Completed
03/26/02 SPS CM330 Construction Planning and Scheduling CM330 Completed
03/26/02 SPS CM410 Construction Project Administration CM410 Completed
03/26/02 HHS UI447 Social Justice and the Global Economy UI447 Completed
03/26/02 ED EL614 Grant Writing for the Classroom Teacher EL614 Completed
03/13/02 ED EL644 Understanding and Applying the Multi-dimensional Process of Reading EL644 Completed
03/13/02 ED EL646 Inquiry and Research Models Used to Improve Reading Instruction EL646 Completed
03/13/02 ED EL647 Reading Assessment EL647 Completed
03/13/02 ED EL649 Practicum for Emergent Readers: Evaluation, Intervention and Implementation EL649 Completed
03/13/02 ED EL650 Practicum for Developing Readers: Evaluation, Intervention and Implementation EL650 Completed
02/28/02 ED AT125 Aerobic Kickboxing AT125 Completed
02/28/02 SM ST610 Integrated Science ST610 Completed
02/21/02 HCB MG575 Information Technology Management MG575 Completed
02/20/02 HHS HL531 Advanced Exercise Testing HL531 Completed
02/15/02 HHS HL/FN699 Internship in Nutrition and Exercise Science HL/FN699 Completed
02/11/02 LA PS470 Politics of the Developed World PS470 Completed
02/04/02 SM BI404/604 Cell Biology BI404/604 Completed
02/04/02 SM BI414/614 Current Problems in Cell and Molecular Biology BI414/614 Completed
02/04/02 SM BI/EV443-643 Epidemiology BI/EV443-643 Completed
02/04/02 SM BI841 Projects WET, WILD, and WOODY for Teachers BI841 Completed
02/04/02 SM CS003 Computer Science Assessment CS003 Completed
02/04/02 SM CS495 Senior Seminar CS495 Completed
02/04/02 SM GI642 AP Institute: Science Vertical Teams GI642 Completed
02/04/02 SM IS175 Information Systems I IS175 Completed
01/29/02 HHS UI427 Service and Community UI427 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL654 Introduction to Online Instruction
and Portfolio Development
EL654 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL655 Inquiry Into Practice EL655 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL657 How Students Learn EL657 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL658 Schools, Students and Society EL658 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL662 Designing and Assessing
Teaching and Learning
EL662 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL670 Theoretical and Knowledge Base in Reading EL670 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL671 Improvement in Teaching Reading:
Inquiry and Research
EL671 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL673 Assessment in Reading EL673 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL674 Practicum in Diagnosis and Intervention
Strategies for Emergent Readers
EL674 Completed
01/07/02 ED EL675 Practicum in Diagnosis and Intervention
Strategies for Developing Readers
EL675 Completed
01/07/02 HHS RC119 Outdoor Adventure Special Topics RC119 Completed
01/07/02 HHS RC245 Mentoring Principles and Practices RC245 Completed
01/07/02 HHS RC300 Leisure Education RC300 Completed
01/07/02 HHS RC345 Youth Development Through Leisure RC345 Completed
01/07/02 HHS RC440 Facilitation of Group Development RC440 Completed


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