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Calendar Year 2005

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review.  The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.  If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly  HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, SM:  College of Science and Mathematics, and PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies.  Former School abbreviations before Spring 2003:  US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research).

Posted College Course # Course Title View Status
12/15/05 LA MC140 Introduction to Radio MC140 Completed
12/15/05 LA MC240 Radio Station Activity MC240 Completed
12/15/05 LA MC430 Strategic Communication Issues MC430 Completed
12/15/05 LA SC482 Special Problems in Communication Studies SC482 Completed
12/12/05 LA MM107 Theory Skills and Analysis for Music Theatre MM107 Completed
12/12/05 LA MU121 Class Voice for Music Theatre MU121 Completed
12/12/05 LA MU326 Topics in Performance Health MU326 Completed
12/02/05 SPS TG380 3D Product Modeling & Animation TG380 Completed
12/02/05 SPS TG384 Commercial Photography TG384 Completed
12/02/05 SPS TG385 Non-Linear Video Editing for Industry TG385 Completed
12/02/05 SPS TG388 Technical Aspects of Website Design & Development
TG388 Withdrawn
12/02/05 SPS TG480 Advanced Industrial Animation TG480 Completed
11/07/05 LA DA126 Beginning Jazz Dance DA126 Completed
11/07/05 LA DA146 Swing Dance DA146 Completed
11/07/05 LA DA430 Principles of Teaching Dance DA430 Completed
11/07/05 LA DA436 Tap Dance III DA436 Completed
11/07/05 LA DA471 Ballet IV DA471 Completed
11/07/05 LA DA481 Modern Dance IV DA481 Completed
11/07/05 LA DA486 Jazz Dance IV DA486 Completed
11/07/05 LA DA496 Tap Dance IV DA496 Completed
11/07/05 LA MM/TH103 Theory Skills and Analysis for Musical Theatre MM/TH103 Completed
11/07/05 LA MU/TH303 Musical Theatre Score Study MU/TH303 Completed
11/07/05 LA TH219 Auditioning TH219 Completed
11/07/05 LA TH319 Acting for Film and Television TH319 Completed
11/01/05 HCB BA680 Management of Health Systems: Strategy and Quality BA680 Completed
11/01/05 HCB BA681 Health Administration Policy BA681 Completed
11/01/05 SM CH447/647 Advanced One- and Two-Dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Techniques CH447/647 Completed
11/01/05 LA MU275 Percussion Ensemble MU275 Completed
11/01/05 ED SE617 Foundations of Educational Technology SE617 Completed
11/01/05 ED SE635 Theories of Learning and Instructional Strategies - Middle and Secondary SE635 Completed
11/01/05 ED SE638 Improvement of Instruction and Assessment SE638 Completed
11/01/05 ED SE683 Instructional Design and Technology SE683 Completed
11/01/05 ED SE685 Planning for Technology in the School District SE685 Completed
09/30/05 LA ME835 Introduction to Orff-Schulwerk ME835 Completed
09/16/05 SM CH420/620 Forensic Chemistry CH420/620 Completed
09/07/05 EL GI624 AP Institute: Calculus BC GI624 Completed
09/07/05 EL GI680 Topics in Advanced Placement Teaching GI680 Completed
09/02/05 HHS CD651 Neurogenic Speech Disorders CD651 Completed
09/02/05 HHS CD652 Swallowing Disorders CD652 Completed
09/02/05 HHS RC630 Program Delivery in Leisure Services RC630 Completed
09/02/05 LA PS405/605 Organizational Theory and Behavior PS405/605 Completed
09/02/05 LA PS645 Research Methods for Public Administrators PS645 Completed
09/02/05 LA PS691/696 Topics in Political Science PS691/696 Completed
05/31/05 HHS SW353 Impact of Child Abuse and Neglect on Child Development SW353 Completed
05/31/05 HHS SW354 Crisis Intervention for Generalist Social Work Practice SW354 Completed
05/31/05 HHS SW356 Social Work in Mental Health SW356 Completed
05/31/05 LA ME835 Introduction to Orff-Schulwerk
(Didn't pass Graduate Council until September 2005; re-posted at that time.)
ME835 Completed
05/31/05 HCB MK351 Sports Marketing MK351 Completed
05/17/05 HCB EC561 Managerial Economics EC561 Completed
05/17/05 SM GO458/658 Environmental Geochemistry GO458/658 Completed
03/28/05 LA UI452 World Historical Geography
UI452 Completed
03/04/05 LA TH318 Musical Theatre Performance I TH318 Completed
03/04/05 LA TH418 Musical Theatre Performance II TH418 Completed
03/04/05 LA PS405/605 Organizational Theory and Behavior
CHALLENGED: Resubmitted 09/02/05
PS405/605 Completed
03/04/05 LA PS491/496 Topics in Political Science PS491/496 Completed
02/23/05 SM BI151 Biological Reasoning BI151 Completed
02/23/05 SM BI152 Introduction to Scientific Investigation BI152 Completed
02/23/05 SM BI153 Introduction to Organismal Biology BI153 Completed
02/23/05 SM BI154 Genetics and Cell Biology BI154 Completed
02/23/05 SM BI489 Analysis of Biological Issues BI489 Completed
02/23/05 ED EA716 Advanced Principles of Teaching I EA716 Completed
02/23/05 ED EA718 Advanced Principles of Teaching II EA718 Completed
02/07/05 SPS ET625 Wireless Communications and Mobile Data Networks ET625 Completed
02/07/05 SPS ET635 Network Security ET635 Completed
02/07/05 SPS IM617 Manufacturing Resources Analysis IM617 Completed
01/26/05 LA AR324 Digital Art Photography AR324 Completed
01/26/05 LA TH386 Sound Design for the Theatre TH386 Completed


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