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Calendar Year 2009

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review.  The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.  If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly  HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, SM:  College of Science and Mathematics, and PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies.  Former School abbreviations before Spring 2003:  US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research).

Posted College Course # Course Title View Status
11/24/09  PT  AG302  Agricultural Education Planning  AG302  Completed 
11/24/09  PT  AG303  Agricultural Mechanization  AG303  Completed 
11/24/09  PT  HO321  Advanced Plant Propagation  HO321  Completed 
11/24/09  PT  PG300  Advanced Lighting Technology  PG300  Completed 
11/24/09  PT  PG325  Practices in Commercial Photography  PG325  Completed 
11/24/09  PT  PG484  Commercial Photography II  PG484  Completed 
11/23/09  LA AR442  Ceramics 3  AR442  Completed 
11/23/09  LA  AR443  Ceramics 4  AR443  Completed 
11/20/09  ED  CP626  Advanced Career Counseling  CP626  Completed 
11/20/09  ED  CP681  Internship - Career  CP681  Completed 
11/20/09  PT  FM544  Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies  FM544  Completed 
11/20/09  PT  FM564  Sustainable Facilities Planning & Design  FM564  Completed 
11/20/09  PT  FM565  Building Energy Management  FM565  Completed 
11/06/09  LA  AR412  Weaving I  AR412  Completed 
11/06/09  LA  AR432 Sculpture IV: Advanced Sculpture  AR432  Completed 
11/06/09  LA  AR433  Sculpture V: Special Problems in Sculpture  AR433  Completed 
11/06/09  LA  AR434  Surface Design I  AR434  Completed 
11/06/09  LA  AR529  Advanced Surface Design  AR529  Completed 
11/06/09  LA  AR533  Three-Dimensional Fiber Problems  AR533  Completed 
11/02/09  LA  HP540  Topics in Historic Preservation  HP540  Completed 
11/02/09  LA  HP580  History of American Building Materials and Techniques  HP580  Completed 
11/02/09  LA  HP589  Historic Preservation-Based Economic Revitalization   HP589 Completed 
11/02/09  SM  CH450/650
Environmental Chemistry  CH/EV650  Completed 
10/27/09  LA  MC220  Newspaper/Staff  MC220  Completed 
10/27/09  PT  ET425  Sustainable Energy Technologies  ET425  Completed 
10/27/09  PT  IM455  Sustainable & Green Manufacturing  IM455  Completed 
10/23/09  PT  AG208  Agribusiness Data Analysis  AG208  Completed 
10/23/09  HH  HL151  Foundation of Substance Abuse Prevention  HL151  Completed 
10/23/09  HH  HL412  Substance Abuse and Addiction in Public Health  HL412  Completed 
10/23/09  HH  HL612  Substance Abuse and Addiction in Public Health  HL612  Completed 
10/08/09  LA  US452  Cold War America  US452  Completed 
10/08/09 LA  US470  America in the 1970's  US470  Completed 
09/18/09 HH  HL511  Applied Anatomy  HL511  Completed 
06/11/09 HH FN601 Sports Nutrition FN601 Completed
06/11/09 HH FN627 Essentials of Food Science FN627 Completed
06/03/09 HH CF220 Young and Middle Adulthood CF220 Completed
06/03/09 HH CF300 Parent Education CF300 Completed
05/20/09 ED EL625 Specialized Assessment in Literacy Instruction EL625 Completed
05/20/09 ED EL680 Small Group Intervention Instruction EL680 Completed
05/20/09 ED EL681 Differentiated Literacy Instruction for Classroom Teachers EL681 Completed
05/20/09 ED EX555 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders EX555 Completed
05/20/09 ED EX556 Language Acquisition & Communication Strategies EX556 Completed
05/20/09 ED EX557 Behavior Management & Interventions EX557 Completed
05/20/09 ED EX558 Seminar: Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders EX558 Completed
05/20/09 ED EX559 Clinical Practicum EX559 Completed
05/08/09 BU MK555 Internet Marketing MK555 Completed
04/07/09 HH CF534 Supervised Field Experience I CF534 Completed
04/07/09 HH CF535 Supervised Field Experience II CF535 Completed
03/31/09 HH CF531 Basic Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis CF531 Completed
03/31/09 HH CF532 Behavioral Assessment and Data Analysis CF532 Completed
03/31/09 HH CF533 Strategies for Behavioral Intervention and Change CF533 Completed
03/31/09 ED EA653 Curriculum for Leaders in Education EA653 Completed
03/31/09 LA AR399 Professional Practices in Art AR399 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS104 Introduction to Interior Design DS104 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS111 Design Process DS111 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS114 Display Design DS114 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS205 History of Interiors I DS205 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS206 History of Interiors II DS206 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS211 Basic Kitchen & Bath Design DS211 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS220 Design Communications DS220 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS311 Advanced Kitchen & Bath Design DS311 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS320 Advanced Design Communications DS320 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS330 Lighting & Electrical Systems DS330 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS331 Interior Systems DS331 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS332 Materials & Cost Estimating DS332 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS412 Design Studio 412 DS412 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS413 Design Studio 413 DS413 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS440 Internship in Interior Design DS440 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS450 Professional Practice in Interior Design I DS450 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS451 Professional Practice in Interior Design II DS451 Completed
03/05/09 HH DS518 Environmental Design for Special Populations DS518 Completed
03/03/09 HH UI505 Health-Related Quality of Life Across Life Span
UI505 Completed
02/25/09 PT HO320 Garden Center Management
HO320 Withdrawn
02/25/09 PT AO301 Forages AO301 Completed
02/25/09 PT AY300 Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology AY300 Completed
02/13/09 BU BA656 Applied Human Resource Management BA656 Completed
02/11/09 SM BI434-634 Marine Evolutionary Ecology BI434-634 Completed
02/11/09 SM BI438-638 Biogeography BI438-638 Completed
02/11/09 SM ZO430-630 Invertebrate Zoology ZO430-630 Completed
02/11/09 HH NS642 Advanced Roles Seminar NS642 Completed


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