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Calendar Year 2010

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review.  The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.  If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly  HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, SM:  College of Science and Mathematics, and PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies.  Former School abbreviations before Spring 2003:  US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research).
Posted College Course # Course Title View  Status
12/17/10 US IU309 Professional Writing for Science and Technology IU309 Completed
11/23/10  BU  AC637  Fraud Examination & Forensic Accounting  AC637  Completed
11/23/10  BU  BA573  Accounting Internship  BA573  Completed
11/23/10  HH  CJ650  Seminar in Criminal Justice Leadership and Practice  CJ650  Completed
11/23/10  PT  AG208  Agribusiness Data Analysis  AG208  Completed
11/23/10  PT  AY360  Aminal Immunology and Diseases  AY360  Completed 
11/23/10  SM  IS245  Web Development and Security  IS245  Completed
11/12/10  HH  CF310  School-Age Child Care  CF310  Completed
11/12/10  HH CF350 Assessing and Teaching Young Children  CF350  Completed
11/12/10  HH PE305  Motor Development and Learning  PE305  Completed
11/12/10  HH RC386  Aquatic Facility Management  RC386  Completed
10/06/10  VPA  AR427  Figure Painting  AR427  Completed 
10/06/10  LA  SC360  Experiential Projects in Communications  SC360  Completed
09/16/10  LA  GH680  Practicum in Teaching History  GH680  Completed
06/15/10  VPA  AR-MU-TH-DA245  Creating and Managing a Career in the Arts  AR-MU-TH-DA245  Completed
 06/15/10 VPA  MM312  Advanced Form and Analysis  MM312  Completed
 04/22/10 BU BA531 Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation BA531 Completed
 04/22/10 BU BA551 Managing and Growing the New Venture BA551 Completed
 04/22/10 BU MG526 Managing and Developing Talent MG526 Completed
 04/22/10 BU  MG566  Legan & Union Issues in Human Resources  MG566  Completed
 04/22/10 HH NS635  Nurse Educator Practicum  NS635  Completed
 04/22/10 HH  CJ640  Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice  CJ640  Completed
 04/22/10 LA  AR399  Professional Practices in Art  AR399  Completed
 03/29/10 PT  SE317  Methods in Agricultural Education   SE317 Completed
02/22/10 SM EV691_692_693 Environmental Science Research EV691_692_693 Completed
 02/22/10 SM  EV681_682_683  Environmental Science Internship  EV681_682_683 Completed
 02/22/10 SM EV674 Readings in Environmental Science EV674 Completed
 02/22/10 SM EV688 Topics in Environmental Science EV688 Withdrawn,
 02/22/10 SM EV697_698_699 Thesis EV697_698_699 Completed
02/15/10  LA  IU306  Perspectives on Urban Design  IU306 Completed
02/15/10  LA  AR424  Intermediate Painting  AR424 Completed
02/12/10 LA AR401 Intermediate Printmaking AR401 Completed
02/12/10 LA AR402 Advanced Printmaking AR402 Completed
02/12/10 LA AR414 Drawing Portfolio AR414 Completed
02/12/10 LA AR423 (Challenged and Resolved) Art Motion Graphics AR423  Completed
02/12/10 LA AR447 Advanced Digital Art AR447  Completed
02/12/10 LA AR448 Digital Art Problems AR448  Completed
02/12/10 LA AR449 Painting Portfolio AR449  Completed
01/19/10 HH HL382 Medical Aspects of Sport HL382  Completed
01/19/10 HH HL481 Practicum in Athletic Training V HL481  Completed


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