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Calendar Year 2017

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review. The most recent postings are listed first. The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.

If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal. (ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts,and STA--formerly SM, formerly PT:College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture. Former abbreviations: US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research, SM: Science and Mathematics, PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies).

Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
12/13/2017 STA EG506 Operations Research EG506 Completed
12/13/2017 LA LI523 Studies in American Literature LI523 Completed
12/13/2017 ED ED290 An introduction to Global Education and Comparative Studies ED290 Completed
11/27/2017 BUS HA550 Healthcare and Risk Management  HA550 Completed
11/27/2017 BUS BA400

Applied Ethical Leadership

*Course Challenged by the Department of Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion, 12/6/17

Resolved 02/06/2018 by Academic Council vote. Course approved.




11/27/2017 BUS BA101 The Business Universe  BA101 Completed
11/27/2017 HHS HL3XX Issues and Trends in Motor Learning  HL3XX Completed
11/27/2017 STA MA111 Precalculus Review  MA111 Completed
10/30/2017 STA MA117 Precalculus B  MA117 Completed
10/30/2017 STA MA116 Precalculus A  MA116 Completed
10/30/2017 STA MA115 Precalculus A with Integrated Review  MA115 Completed
10/25/17 STA BI/CH/PH 320/520 Engaging Learners in Science BI/CH/PH 320/520 Completed 
10/25/17 LA US524 Rural America, 1800-Present US524 Completed
10/25/17 LA HP575 Collections Management HP575 Completed
10/4/17 STA BI563/BI564/BI565 Experience in Museum Curation BI563/BI564/BI565 Completed
10/4/17 HHS SW205 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy SW205 Completed
10/4/17 HHS SO320 Racial and Ethnic Relations SO320 Completed
9/27/17 ED SE618 Assessment using Technology SE618 Completed
9/27/17 LA US380 Sport and American History US380 Completed
9/20/17 LA MM099 Music Theory Lab MM099 Completed
9/01/17 HHS CD409 Nature of Assessment and Intervention for Articulation and Voice Disorders CD409 Completed
9/01/17 HHS CD408 Nature of Assessment and Intervention for Language & Fluency Disorders CD408 Completed
5/25/17 HHS NC487 Adult Health II NC487 Completed
5/25/17 HHS NC497 Introduction to Critical Care Nursing Clinical NC497 Completed
5/25/17 HHS NS487 Adult Health II NS487 Completed
5/25/17 HHS NS497 Introduction to Critical Care Nursing NS497 Completed
5/10/17 HHS CD629 Neuroscience of Communication Disorders CD629 Completed
5/8/17 ED CP532 Introduction to the Counseling Profession CP532 Completed
5/8/17 ED CP658

Advanced Play Therapy

CP658 Completed
5/8/17 ED CP632

Applications of School Counseling

CP632 Completed
4/5/17 HHS NS645

Advanced Roles Seminar II

*The course number was changed to NS645, as there was
already a NS643 in existence.
NS645 Completed
4/5/17 HHS NS642 Advanced Roles Seminar I NS642 Completed
3/2/17 STA BI403/603 Medical Genetics BI403/603 Completed
2/13/17 LA TH800 The Jeanine Larson Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre and Dance TH800 Completed
2/9/17 ED EL629 Integrating Children's Literature in the Curriculum  EL629 Completed
2/9/17 ED CE610 Curriculum, Methods and Program Management in Early Childhood CE610 Completed
2/8/17 STA BO459/659 Field Botany- Fall Flora BO459/659 Completed
1/23/17 ED EX409 Adv. Field Exp. in Education of Students with Exceptionalities in Elementary Settings EX409 Completed
1/23/17 LA MC252 Sports Broadcast Production MC252 Completed


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