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Calendar Year 2018

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review. The most recent postings are listed first. The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.

If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

Current College Codes
  • AM:  Holland College of Arts and Media
  • BC:  Harrison College of Business and Computing
  • EH:  College of Education, Health, and Human Studies
  • HS:  College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • SC:  College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Former College Codes
  • BU:  Harrison College of Business
  • ED:  College of Education
  • HH:  College of Health and Human Services
  • LA:  College of Liberal Arts
  • STA:  College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture
  • VPA:  School of Visual and Performing Arts
Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
12/20/2018 SC FS405/605 Forensic Expert Witness Testimony FS405/605 Completed
12/03/2018 HS AN182 Introduction to Archaeology AN182 Completed
12/03/2018 HS CJ322 Gangs in America CJ322 Completed
12/03/2018 HS PS362 Political Parties and Interest Groups PS362 Completed
12/03/2018 HS SO460 Work and Family Life SO460 Completed
11/16/2018 BC CY655 Research Methods in Cybersecurity CY655 Completed
11/16/2018 BC MG436 Compensating Talent MG436 Completed
11/16/2018 BC HM370 Advanced Lodging Operations HM370 Completed
11/16/2018 BC HM250 Introduction to Beverage Management  HM250 Completed
11/14/2018 BC CS499 Capstone Experience CS499 Completed
11/14/2018 BC CY101 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity CY101 Completed
11/14/2018 BC CY440 Cloud Security CY440 Completed
11/14/2018 BC CY450 Introduction to Cyber Operations CY450 Completed
11/14/2018 BC IS299 Security in Data Protocols IS299 Completed
11/13/2018 AM DA127 Jazz Dance for Musical Theatre II DA127 Completed
11/13/2018 AM DA126 Jazz Dance for Musical Theatre I DA126 Completed
11/13/2018 AM DA111 Ballet for Musical Theatre I DA111 Completed
11/09/2018 BC MK442 Advanced Selling MK442 Completed
11/09/2018 HS CJ505 Social Inequality CJ505 Completed
11/09/2018 HS CJ520 Law and Social Control CJ520 Completed
11/09/2018 HS CJ696 Internship Capstone I CJ696 Completed
11/09/2018 HS CJ697 Internship Capstone II CJ697 Completed
11/09/2018 HS CJ645 Criminal Justice Policy Analysis and Evaluation CJ645 Completed
11/01/2018 SC ZO515 Field Herpetology ZO515 Completed
11/01/2018 SC BI421/621/021 Bacterial Genetics BI421/621/021 Completed
10/25/2018 BC IS420 Human Computer Interaction IS420 Completed
10/25/2018 BC CS351 C & the Posix Environment  CS351 Completed
10/25/2018 BC CS288 Computer System and Assembly Language CS288 Completed
10/25/2018 BC CS101 Introduction to Computer Programming CS101 Completed
10/15/2018 EH CE368 Early Childhood Field Experience CE368 Completed
10/15/2018 EH CE366 Curriculum, Theory and Program Management in Early Childhood CE366 Completed
10/15/2018 EH CE364 Methods of Teaching Math, Science and Social Studies in Early Childhood and Elementary Education CE364  Completed
10/12/2018 EH   Name Change for Department  KNR Completed
9/25/2018 HS SC491 Investigating Communication SC491 Completed
9/25/2018 HS SC490 Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication SC490 Completed
9/25/2018 HS SC420 Rock 'n' Roll & Rebellion SC420 Completed
9/25/2018 HS SC316 Gender & Communication SC316 Completed
9/24/2018 AM MU003 Major Field Assessment Test MU003 Completed
9/20/2018 AM DA131 Introduction to Aerial Arts DA131 Completed
9/7/2018 HS SW343 Social Work in Military Settings SW343 Completed
7/10/2018 HH DS409 Healthcare Design I  DS409 Completed
5/11/2018 ED SE322 Techniques of Teaching Foreign Languages  SE322 Completed
4/27/2018 STA AG647 Marketing Agricultural Products AG647 Completed
4/27/2018 STA AG633 Agricultural and Food Policy AG633 Completed
4/27/2018 STA AG608 Liability and Agribusiness Risk  AG608 Completed
4/27/2018 STA AG601 Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Agriculture AG601 Completed
4/27/2018 STA AG550 Agribusiness Analysis AG550 Completed
4/27/2018 STA AG515 Agribusiness Communication  AG515 Completed
4/27/2018 BU BL493 Independent Study in Business Law BL493 Completed
4/27/2018 BU BA473 Business Internship BA473 Completed
4/27/2018 ED EX696 Exceptional Child Education Advanced Internship EX696 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS699 Internship CS699 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS698 Thesis Research II CS698 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS697 Thesis Research I CS697 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS696 Seminar II CS696 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS695 Seminar I CS695 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS693 Independent Study  CS693 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS690 Graduate Project CS690 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS653 Special Topics CS653 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS650 Theory of Computation CS650 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS645 Internet of Things CS645 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS640 Advanced Database Systems CS640 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS634 Machine Learning CS634 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS633 Digital Signal and Image Processing CS633 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS632 Emerging and Converging Technologies and Computing CS632 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS631 Advanced Software Engineering CS631 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS630 Current Topics in Human Computer Interaction CS630 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS612 Simulation and Modeling for Computing CS612 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS609 Advanced Programming Languages CS609 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS605 Research Methods  CS605 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS603 Introduction to Data Analytics CS603 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS591 Advanced Artificial Intelligence  CS591 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS585 Formal Systems and Modeling CS585 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS581 Advanced Network Programming CS581 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS580 Advanced Robotics CS580 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS575 Advanced Web Development CS575 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS560 Computer Architecture CS560 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS533 Mobile Computing CS533 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS506 Distributed Cloud Computing CS506 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS505 Data Mining CS505 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS503 Fundamentals of Computing CS503 Completed
4/27/2018 STA CS500 Fundamentals of Programming CS500 Completed
4/27/2018 ED AB603 Ethics, Disciplinary Systems and Professionalism in Applied Behaviour Analysis AB603 Completed
4/27/2018 STA PH425/625 Biological Physics PH425/625 Completed
4/27/2018 STA PH414/614 Biological Imaging PH414/614 Completed
4/27/2018 STA EP699 Thesis Research II EP699 Completed
4/27/2018 STA EP698 Thesis Research I EP698 Completed
4/27/2018 STA EP688 Graduate Research EP688 Completed
4/27/2018 STA EP505 Nano-scale Science and Engineering EP505 Completed
4/27/2018 STA EP415/615 Fundamentals of Bioengineering EP415/615 Completed
4/25/2018 LA FL313 Contemporary Middle Eastern Literature FL313 Completed
4/25/2018 LA FR400 Special Topics: French FR400 Completed
4/25/2018 LA MC204 Strategic Sport Communication MC204 Completed
4/17/2018 STA ET382 UAS Fundamentals ET382 Completed
4/17/2018 STA ET381 Fundamentals of Aviation in UAS ET381 Completed
4/17/2018 STA ET380 Vision and Sensor Systems/Remote Sensing ET380 Completed
4/9/2018 HH CD464 Senior Seminar in Communication Disorders CD464 Completed
4/5/2018 STA MA530 Statistical Learning MA530 Completed
4/5/2018 STA MA475/675 Multivariate Methods MA475/675 Completed
4/5/2018 STA MA510 Mathematical Foundations MA510 Completed
4/5/2018 STA MA323 Statistical Methods MA323 Completed
3/14/2018 LA MU346 Drum Line and Front Ensemble MU346 Completed
3/14/2018 LA AN315 Medical Anthropology and Public Health AN315 Completed
3/14/2018 HH DS415 Healthcare Design II DS415 Completed
3/14/2018 HH DS414 Hospitality Design II DS414 Completed
3/14/2018 HH DS315 Sustainable Design II DS315 Completed
3/13/2018 STA EP463/663 Numerical and Finite Element Methods EP463/663 Completed
3/13/2018 STA EP420/620 Biomechanics EP420/620 Completed
3/13/2018 STA EP410/610 Nano-scale Engineering for Healthcare EP410/610 Completed
3/13/2018 STA CY692 Thesis Research II CY692 Completed
3/13/2018 STA CY691 Thesis Research I CY691 Completed
3/13/2018 STA CY690 Graduate Project CY690 Completed
3/13/2018 STA CY670 Secure Operating Environments CY670 Completed
3/13/2018 STA CY660 Cyber Operations CY660 Completed
3/13/2018 STA CY653 Special Topics in Cybersecurity CY653 Completed
3/13/2018 STA CY650 Legal, Risk and Compliance for Security CY650 Completed
3/13/2018 STA CY643 Independent Study CY643 Completed
3/12/2018 STA CY640 Security of Critical Infrastructure  CY640 Completed
3/12/2018 STA CY630 Hardware Security  CY630 Completed
3/12/2018 STA CY620 Computer Forensics CY620 Completed
3/12/2018 STA CY610 Web Application Security  CY610 Completed
2/27/2018 HH CJ505 Social Inequality CJ505 Completed
2/27/2018 HH CJ520 Law and Social Control CJ520 Completed
2/27/2018 HH SO470 Invisible Families SO470 Completed
2/27/2018 HH NS011 RN-BSN Education Assessment NS011 Completed
2/27/2018 LA RN100 Survival Russian RN100 Completed


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