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Calendar Year 2011

Calendar Year 2011

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review. The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column. If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, SM: College of Science and Mathematics, and PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies. Former School abbreviations before Spring 2003: US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research).

Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
12/13/11 HH CJ400 Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution CJ400 Completed
12/13/11 HH CJ430 Policing in an Information Age CJ430 Completed
12/13/11 HH CJ499 Issues in Justice Administration CJ499 Completed
12/13/11 HH SO300 Organized and White-Collar Crime SO300 Completed
12/13/11 HH SO305 Race, Gender, Class and Crime SO305 Completed
12/08/11 HH LE199 Basic Law Enforcement Academy I LE199 Completed
12/08/11 HH LE299 Basic Law Enforcement Academy II LE299 Completed
12/08/11 HH LE399 Basic Law Enforcement Academy III LE399 Completed
12/08/11 HH LE499 Basic Law Enforcement Academy IV LE499 Completed
12/05/11 LA EN423/623 Visual Rhetoric EN423/623 Completed
12/05/11 LA EN424/624 Editing and Research in Professional Writing EN424/624 Completed
12/05/11 LA EN445/645 Advanced Literary Publishing EN445/645 Completed
12/05/11 LA EN535 Rhetorical Theory and Written Discourse EN535 Completed
11/29/11 US CS125 Computer Programming Logic CS125 Completed
11/29/11 US IU310 Government and Politics of East Asia IU310 Completed
11/29/11 US UI455 Understanding Men & Male Development UI455 Completed
10/27/11 VPA DA282 Movement Improvisation DA282 Completed
10/27/11 VPA DA290 Dance in World Cultures DA290 Completed
10/27/11 VPA TH488 Senior Portfolio TH488 Completed
10/24/11 ED CP640 Foundations of Mental Health Counseling CP640 Completed
10/24/11 ED CP641 Mental Health Systems and Prevention CP641 Completed
10/24/11 ED CP652 Counseling Children and Adolescents CP652 Completed
10/24/11 ED CP661 Addictions Counseling CP661 Completed
10/24/11 ED CP664 Religion and Spirituality in Counseling CP664 Completed
10/24/11 ED CP686-7 Internship - Mental Health CP686-7 Completed
10/24/11 ED CP688 Advanced Internship - Mental Health CP688 Completed
10/24/11 HH HL603 Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology HL603 Completed
10/24/11 LA EH480 Crusades EH480 Completed
10/24/11 LA FR375 French Cinema FR375 Completed
10/24/11 SM GO520 GIS Application GO520 Completed
10/12/11 HH PE310 Assessment for Physical Educators PE310 Completed
9/22/11 HH NS628 Advanced Health Assessment NS628 Completed
9/22/11 HH NS629 Advanced Health Assessment Practicum NS629 Completed
9/20/11 PT AY220 Animal Handling AY220 Completed
9/20/11 PT AY350 Animal Reproduction AY350 Completed
9/20/11 PT AY375 Animal Breed Improvement AY375 Completed
9/20/11 PT AY440 Advanced Beef Production AY440 Completed
9/20/11 PT HO320 Nursery Administration and Culture HO320 Completed
9/14/11 US IU315 Ethics in the Cyber World IU315 Completed
5/10/11 LA MC320 Media News MC320 Completed
5/10/11 LA MC322 Design for Media MC322 Completed
5/10/11 LA MC429 Media Management MC429 Completed
5/02/11 ED EX507 Families and theExceptional Child EX507 Completed
4/25/11 PT GM525 Virtuality in Gaming GM525 Completed
4/25/11 PT GM580 Motion Capture Technology GM580 Completed
4/25/11 PT GM585 Computer Special Effects GM585 Completed
4/25/11 PT GM680 Stereoscopic Imaging GM680 Completed
4/25/11 GR GR604 Brief Seminar on College Teaching GR604 Completed
4/25/11 US IU308 Effective Interpersonal Communication IU308 Completed
4/20/11 LA MC211 Advertising/Society MC211 Completed
4/20/11 LA MC221 Media Elements
Multimedia Elements
Completed Challenged;
4/20/11 LA MC231 Strategic Relations
Strategic Leadership


4/20/11 LA MC251 Television & Film in America MC251 Completed
4/20/11 LA MC318 Advertising Digital Applications MC318 Completed
4/20/11 LA MC323
Sound for Media
Multimedia Sound
Completed Challenged;
4/20/11 LA MC327 Visuals for Media
Multimedia Picture
Completed Challenged;
4/20/11 LA MC331 Strategic Writing MC331 Completed
4/20/11 LA MC333 Strategic Production MC333 Completed
4/20/11 LA MC421 Media Storytelling
Multimedia Storytelling
Completed Challenged;
4/19/11 LA EN315 Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners EN315 Completed
4/19/11 VPA MU282 SteelDrum Band MU282 Completed
4/15/11 PT CY201 Introduction to Cybersecurity CY201 Completed
4/15/11 PT CY310 Information Security & Assurance CY310 Completed
4/15/11 PT CY320 Information Security in Systems Administration CY320 Completed
4/15/11 PT CY410 Web Applications Security CY410 Completed
4/15/11 PT CY420 Computer Forensics CY420 Completed
4/15/11 SM IS320 Human Computer Interaction IS320 Completed
4/15/11 SM IS340 Information Technology IS340 Completed
4/15/11 SM IS360 Mobile Application Development IS360 Completed
4/15/11 SM IS448 IS/IT Project Management IS448 Completed
3/29/11 BU AC563 Legal and Ethical Issues in Accounting AC563 Completed
3/29/11 HH CJ626 Statistical Analysis in Criminal Justice CJ626 Completed
3/29/11 HH CF536 Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis CF536 Completed
3/29/11 HH CF537 Special Issues & Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis CF537 Completed
3/29/11 SM MA548 Enumerative Combinatorics MA548 Completed
3/29/11 SM MA549 Graph Theory MA549 Completed
3/29/11 SM MA625 Applied Regression Analysis MA625 Completed
3/29/11 SM MA642 Groups and Fields MA642 Completed
3/29/11 SM MA644 Rings and Modules MA644 Completed
3/29/11 SM MA664 Mathematical Cryptography MA664 Completed
3/29/11 BU QM558 Principles of Supply Chain Management QM558 Completed
03/4/11 HH CF124 Children's Health, Nutrition, and Safety CF124 Completed
03/4/11 HH CF330 Middle Childhood and Adolescent Development CF330


03/4/11 HH CF480 Child Development Career Internship CF480 Completed
03/4/11 SM MA050 Basic Math Skills MA050 Completed


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