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Calendar Year 2012

Calendar Year 2012

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review.  The most recent postings are listed first.

The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.  If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal.

(ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly  HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts, and STA--formerly SM, formerly PT: College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture.  Former abbreviations:  US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research, SM: Science and Mathematics, PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies).

Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
12/17/12 STA EP850 Introduction to Nano-Science and Biomedical Engineering Workshop EP850 Completed
12/17/12 STA PH/EP378/578
Interdisciplinary Research PH/EP378/578
12/03/12 HH CF306 History and Theory of Child Development CF306  Completed
12/03/12 HH CF315 Administration of Programs for Children and Youth CF315  Completed
12/03/12 HH CF415 Legal Risks and Administrative Decision-Making in Programs for Children and Youth CF415  Completed
12/03/12 HH CF420 Leadership and Advocacy for the Administrator CF420  Completed
12/03/12 HH CF475 Action Research for the Practitioner CF475  Completed
12/03/12 HH CF495 Interagency Collaboration CF495  Completed
11/19/12 BU QM258 Business Statistics II QM258  Completed
11/08/12 LA UI456 History of the Book UI456  Completed
11/08/12 LA UI508 African Americans During the Era of Segregation and Jim Crow UI508  Completed
10/24/12 STA IM600 Managing Technology Innovation

Managing Technology Innovation



Resolved 11/27/12

10/23/12 LA MU123 Singer's Diction I MU123  Completed
10/23/12 LA MU124 Singer's Diction II MU124  Completed
10/05/12 HH AT149 Pilates AT149  Completed
09/27/12 LA OS200 Survey of Social Science OS200  Completed
09/27/12 LA OS300 Problems in Social Science OS300  Completed
09/27/12 LA OS400 Social Science Research Methods OS400  Completed
09/26/12 LA AN181 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology AN181  Completed
09/21/12 STA CY501 Introduction to Cybersecurity CY501  Completed
09/21/12 STA CY510 Information Security & Assurance CY510  Completed
09/21/12 STA CY520 Information Security in Systems Administration CY520  Completed
09/21/12 STA CY610 Web Application Security CY610  Completed
09/21/12 STA CY620 Computer Forensics CY620  Completed
09/21/12 ED EL624 Effective Literacy Leadership EL624  Completed
09/21/12 STA IU314/GO514 GeoInfo Science Today IU314/GO514  Completed
09/21/12 ED UI506 Education, Law and Society UI506  Completed
07/13/12 HH CJ619 Restorative Justice CJ619  Completed
07/13/12 ED EX602 Language Acquisition of the Exceptional Child EX602  Completed
06/13/12 SM BI400/600
Health Physics BI400/600
06/13/12 SM BI458/658
Analytical Bioinformatics for Biology and Medicine BI458/658
06/13/12 HH CT520 Survey of National Markets-New York CT520  Completed
06/13/12 ED EA646 Internship I in Elementary School Administration EA646  Completed
06/13/12 ED EA647 Internship I in Secondary School Administration EA647  Completed
06/13/12 ED EA656 Internship II in Elementary School Administration EA656  Completed
06/13/12 ED EA657 Internship II in Secondary School Administration EA657  Completed
06/13/12 ED EA760 Internship I: Specialist Level EA760  Completed
06/13/12 ED EA761 Internship II: Specialist Level EA761  Completed
06/13/12 ED EL682 Intervention Designs for Struggling Learners EL682  Completed
06/13/12 ED EL683 Advance Practicum Intervention Models EL683  Completed
05/29/12 SM IU317 Systems Thinking for Everyone IU317  Completed
05/10/12 PT AO340 Agroecosystems Analysis Field Course AO340  Completed
05/10/12 PT AO415 Crop Systems Management AO415  Completed
05/10/12 PT HO110 Introduction to Horticulture HO110  Completed
05/10/12 PT HO215 Practical Horticulture Experiences HO215  Completed
05/10/12 PT HO445 Composting & Utilization in Horticultural Systems HO445  Completed
05/10/12 PT HO450 Vineyard Operations & Management HO450  Completed
04/25/12 HH CF200 Constructive Guidance and Discipline CF200  Completed
04/25/12 HH CF215 Observation: Perception and Process CF215  Completed
04/25/12 HH CF233 Creative Thought and Expression in Children
*General Education Council approval, 11/26/12
CF233  Completed*
04/25/12 HH CF250 Family Childcare: Feasibility and Management CF250  Completed
04/25/12 HH CF280 Learning Theory and Application: Preschool CF280  Completed
04/25/12 HH CF285 Learning Theory and Application: Infants and Toddlers CF285  Completed
04/25/12 HH CF330 Middle Childhood and Youth Issues CF330  Completed
04/25/12 HH CF410 Culture, Ethnicity, and the Child CF410  Completed
04/25/12 HH DS208 Interior Systems II DS208  Completed
04/25/12 HH DS314 Multicultural Design DS314  Completed
04/25/12 HH DS410 Hospitality Design DS410  Completed
02/28/12 ED EX616 Behavior Management EX616  Completed
02/28/12 ED EX693 Special Education and the Law EX693  Completed
01/20/12   IL110 ESL Graduate Conditional Admission Program IL110 Completed




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