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Calendar Year 2013

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review. The most recent postings are listed first. The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.

If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal. (ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts,and STA--formerly SM, formerly PT:College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture. Former abbreviations: US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research, SM: Science and Mathematics, PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies).

Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
12/13/13 STA MA135 College Algebra and Trigonometry  MA135 Completed
12/13/13 STA MA106 Intermediate Algebra  MA106 Completed
12/13/13 STA MA055 Statistical Reasoning Lab  MA055 Completed
12/13/13 STA MA023 Survey of Mathematics Lab  MA023 Completed
12/13/13 STA MA021 Concepts of School Mathematics Lab  MA021 Completed
12/13/13 STA MA018 Mathematics I Lab  MA018 Completed
12/12/13 HHS HS301 Foundations of Child Maltreatment and Child Advocacy HS301 Completed
12/12/13 HHS HS401 Child Advocacy II: Professional and System Responses to Child Maltreatment HS401 Completed
12/12/13 HHS HS402 Child Advocacy III: Responding to the Survivor of Child Abuse and Survivor Responses HS402 Completed
12/12/13 HHS SM250 Governance of Sport Organizations SM250 Completed
12/04/13 LA UI461 Issues in Modern Art  UI461 Completed
12/2/13 LA UI457 African Americans During a Time of Slavery UI457 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS659 Primary Care III Clinical Role Practicum NS659 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS649 Primary Care II Practicum NS649 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS648 Primary Care II NS648 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS642 Advanced Roles Seminar NS642 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS639 Primary Care I Practicum NS639 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS638 Primary Care I NS638 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS636 Advanced Pathophysiology NS636 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS629 Advanced Health Assessment Practicum NS629 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS628 Advanced Health Assessment NS628 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS625 Advanced Pharmacology NS625 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS610 Policy, Politics, and Advocacy in Advanced Practice Nursing NS610 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS604 Evidence-Based Practice: Synthesis and Translation NS604 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS603 Organizational and Systems Leadership for Advanced Nursing Roles NS603 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS602 Quality and Safety in Advanced Nursing Roles NS602 Completed
11/27/13 HHS NS601 Informatics for Advanced Nursing Roles NS601 Completed
11/27/13 STA AG444/GO644 Spatial Analyis in GIS  AG444/GO644 Completed
11/25/13 HHS FA521 Survey of International Fashion Markets FA521 Completed
11/21/13 ED EA907 Qualitative Tools for Applied Research in Educational Leadership  EA907 Completed
11/7/13 STA ZO445/645 Aquatic Entomology ZO445/645 Completed
10/31/13 STA HO225 Identification and Use of Deciduous Plants HO225 Completed
10/31/13 STA HO235 Identification and Use of Evergreen Plants HO235 Completed
10/31/13 STA HO245 Identification and Use of Interiorscape and Tropical Plants HO245 Completed
10/31/13 STA HO255 Identification and Use of Annual and Perennial Plants HO255 Completed
10/31/13 STA HO470 Strategic Urban Horticulture HO470 Completed
10/17/13 VPA DA391 Topics in Dance DA391 Completed
10/17/13 VPA DA396 Kinesiology and Physiology of Dance DA396

Withdrawn 11/13/13

10/17/13 VPA TH223 Movement for the Actor I TH223 Completed
10/17/13 VPA TH323 Movement for the Actor II TH323 Completed
10/17/13 VPA TH417 Voice for the Actor II TH417 Completed
10/17/13 VPA TH429 Accents and Dialect for the Actor TH429 Completed
10/16/13 BU EC451 Econometrics I EC451 Completed
09/24/13 ED EA507 School and Campus Safety EA507 Completed
09/24/13 ED EA670 Higher Education Capstone EA670 Completed
09/24/13 HHS CF630 Family Systems Applications in Human Services CF630 Completed
09/24/13 HHS DS618 Environmental Design in Human Services DS618 Completed
09/24/13 STA MA528 Actuaries Seminar III MA528 Completed
09/24/13 STA MA527 Actuaries Seminar II MA527 Completed
09/24/13 STA MA526 Actuaries Seminar I MA526 Completed
09/24/13 STA MA525 Actuarial Modeling MA525 Completed
08/30/13 HHS FA114 Display Design FA114 Completed
08/30/13 HHS FA121 Intermediate Clothing Construction FA121 Completed
08/27/13 STA CM143 Construction Methods and Materials I CM143 Completed
08/27/13 STA CM243 Construction Methods and Materials II CM243 Completed
08/12/13 ED EA427 President's Leadership Academy EA427 Completed
07/12/13 STA BI503 Fundamental Concepts of Evolution BI503 Completed
07/12/13 STA BI502 Fundamental Concepts of Ecology BI502 Completed
04/25/13 LA GH380 Practicum in Teaching History GH380 Completed
04/04/13 BU EC342 Sports Economics EC342 Completed
04/02/13 STA BI/EV 425/625 GIS Planning for Emergency Management BI/EV 425/625 Completed
04/02/13 STA BI/EV 456/656 Fundamental Risk Communication in Emergency Management BI/EV 456/656 Completed
04/02/13 STA BI/EV 447/647 Fundamentals of Disaster/Emergency Management and Planning BI/EV 447/647 Completed
04/02/13 STA BI/EV 448/648 Disaster/Emergency Planning and Response BI/EV 448/648 Completed
04/02/13 STA BI/EV 449/649 Vulnerability, Risk Reduction, and Critical Incident Management BI/EV 449/649 Completed
04/01/13 BU BA560 Topics in International Business BA560 Completed
03/26/13 HH NG103 Army Warrior Leader Course NG103 Completed
03/26/13 HH NG104 Army Leadership Assessment NG104 Completed
03/26/13 HH NG203 Introduction to Army Team Leadership NG203 Completed
03/14/13 STA CM443 Construction Equipment Management CM443 Completed
03/05/13 BU BA452 Professionalism BA452 Completed
03/05/13 ED EL667 Mathematical Leadership for Elementary Mathematics Specialists: Foundations EL667 Completed
03/05/13 ED EL668 Mathematical Leadership for Elementary Mathematics Specialists: Influencing and Facilitating Improvement Curriculum Process EL668 Completed
03/05/13 ED EX556 Communication Interventions & Strategies for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder EX556 Completed
03/05/13 ED EX557 Behavior Management & Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders EX557 Completed
03/05/13 HH FN650 Seminar in Advanced Professional Skills for the Registered Dietitian FN650 Completed
03/05/13 HH HE601 Sustainable Environments in Human Services HE601 Completed
03/04/13 STA BI850 Introduction to Nano-Science and Biomedical Engineering Workshop BI850 Completed
03/04/13 STA EP400/600 Bioengineering Laboratory: Flow Cytometry EP400/600 Completed
03/04/13 STA EP495/695 Readings in Nano-Bio Engineering EP495/695 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA611 Internship in Numbers and Operations MA611 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA612 Internship in Rational Numbers and Proportional Thinking MA612 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA616 Internship in Geometry and Measurement MA616 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA617 Internship in Algebraic Reasoning MA617 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA621 Number and Operations MA621 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA622 Rational Numbers and Proportional Thinking MA622 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA624 Data and Probability MA624 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA626 Geometry and Measurement MA626 Completed
03/04/13 STA MA627 Algebraic Reasoning MA627 Completed
02/21/13 STA IM691 Methods of Research in Technology Management IM691 Completed
02/18/13 VPA TH475 Topics in Technical Theatre TH475 Completed
02/14/13 HH UI459 Nature Literacy UI459 Completed
02/13/13 STA CM260 Computation Methods and Tools for Construction Managers CM260 Completed
02/06/13 STA EP380 Engineering Design and Research EP380 Completed
01/31/13 HH UI445 Critical Perspectives of Sexuality


01/29/13 HH NG101 Introduction to Military Science NG101 Completed
01/29/13 HH NG201 Introduction to Army Team Leadership I NG201 Completed
01/29/13 HH NG202 Introduction to Army Team Leadership II NG202 Completed
01/29/13 HH NG301 Adaptive Army Leadership I NG301 Completed
01/29/13 HH NG302 Adaptive Army Leadership II NG302 Completed
01/29/13 HH NG401 Application of Army Leadership Skills NG401 Completed
01/29/13 HH NG402 Preparing for First Duty Assignment NG402 Completed
01/28/13 HH FA120 Clothing Construction FA120 Completed
01/22/13 VPA AH315 Medieval Art AH315 Completed


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