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Calendar Year 2014

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review. The most recent postings are listed first. The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.

If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal. (ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts,and STA--formerly SM, formerly PT:College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture. Former abbreviations: US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research, SM: Science and Mathematics, PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies).

Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
12/18/14 STA CH233 Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry CH233 In Progress
12/18/14 STA CH306 Survey of Physical Chemistry CH306 In Progress
12/16/14 LA PS471 Senior Seminar in Political Science PS471 In Progress
12/08/14 LA MM314 Instrumentation and Arranging MM314 Completed
12/05/14 LA AW851 Painting Workshop AW851 Completed
11/26/14 LA EH620 Seminar in European History EH620 Completed
11/24/14 STA BI/CH/EP 405/605 Engineering in Science Education BI/CH/EP 405/605 Completed
11/24/14 LA GH520 Techniques of Oral History GH520 Completed
11/21/14 HHS FN505 Senior Dietetics Seminar FN505 Completed
11/21/14 STA ZO451/651 Vertebrate Histology ZO451/651 Completed
11/14/14 STA MA244 Analytic Geometry & Calculus III MA244 Completed
11/14/14 STA MA449 Mathematical Problem Solving MA449 Completed
11/10/14 HHS RC340 Mentoring Principles and Practices RC340 Completed
10/23/14 STA PH003 Physics Assessment PH003 Completed
10/23/14 STA EP003 Engineering Physics Assessment



10/17/14 STA TN475 Scaling Networks



09/29/14 HHS DS209 Construction Codes for Designers




DS 209




09/23/14 STA AG381 Agribusiness Management II AG381 Completed
09/23/14 STA AY310 Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology II AY310 Completed
09/23/14 STA AY320 Meat Science AY320 Completed
09/23/14 STA AY425 Feeding Nonruminants AY425 Completed
09/23/14 STA AY435 Feeding Ruminants AY435 Completed
09/22/14 ED CP692 Program Evaluation for School Counselors CP692 Completed
09/19/14 HHS FA250 History of Costume I FA250 Completed
09/19/14 HHS FA251

History of Costume II

FA251 Completed
09/17/14 HHS FA300

Professional Image and Behavior

FA300 Completed
09/17/14 HHS FA310 Fashion Forecasting FA310 Completed
09/17/14 HHS FA315 Retail Buying FA315 Completed
09/17/14 HHS FA421*

Retail Strategy
*The course number was changed to FA421, as there was already an FA420 in existence.

FA421 Completed
09/17/14 HHS FA450 Global Fashion Economics FA450 Completed
09/17/14 HHS FA480 Fashion Merchandising Practicum FA480 Completed
09/17/14 HHS HE540 Foundations of Family and Consumer Sciences HE540 Completed
09/17/14 HHS HM225 Advanced Selection & Preparation of Foods HM225 Completed
07/23/14 STA CS403 Information Retrieval CS403 Completed
04/24/14 BUS EC585 Healthcare Economics EC585 Completed
04/24/14 ED EL685 Literacy Lesson Designed for Individuals I EL685 Completed
04/24/14 ED EL686 Literacy Lesson Designed for Individuals II EL686 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA510 Healthcare Operations HA510 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA520 Introduction to Healthcare Quality HA520 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA525 Advanced Healthcare Quality HA525 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA530 Introduction to Patient Safety HA530 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA535 Advanced Patient Safety HA535 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA540 Healthcare Informatics HA540 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA545 Healthcare Database Systems HA545 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA585 Marketing for Health Services Organizations HA585 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA620 Research Methodology in Healthcare HA620 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA657 Applied Research Project in Healthcare HA657 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA658 Graduate Internship in Healthcare HA658 Completed
04/24/14 BUS HA691-693 Independent Study in Healthcare HA691-693 Completed
04/16/14 BUS HA300 Introduction to Healthcare Management HA300 Completed
04/16/14 BUS HA471-473 Internship in Healthcare HA471-473 Completed
04/16/14 BUS HA491-493 Independent Study in Healthcare HA491-493 Completed
03/28/14 STA IM692 Modeling and Simulation IM692 Completed
03/26/14 LA PY489 Advanced Topics in Psychology PY489 Completed
03/26/14 LA PY230 Ethics and Diversity in Psychology PY230 Completed
03/26/14 STA IU321 Creative Problem Solving IU321 Completed
03/17/14 HHS RC480 Recreation in Community Development RC480  Completed
02/19/14 STA MA218 Concepts of School Mathematics MA218  Completed
02/19/14 STA MA137 Precalculus MA137 Completed
02/14/14 LA SC301 Foundations of Health Communication*
*Due to existing course number, changed from SC300 to SC301, 3/25/14
SC301 Completed
02/10/14 ED SE527 Implementing Business and Marketing Education SE527 Completed
01/24/14 BUS BA491-493 Independent Study in Business Administration BA491-493 Completed
01/24/14 STA FS553 Crime Laboratory III: Introductory Analysis of Pattern Evidence FS553 Completed
 01/09/14 STA PG385 HDSLR Video Capture for Commercial Application PG385 Completed


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