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Calendar Year 2015

The following is a list of course proposals approved by college councils and posted for thirty-day review. The most recent postings are listed first. The date of posting is given in the leftmost column.

If you have questions or concerns about any course proposal listed here, please contact the college or department associated with the proposal. (ED: College of Education, BU--formerly HCB: Harrison College of Business, HH--formerly HHS: College of Health and Human Services, LA: College of Liberal Arts, VPA: School of Visual and Performing Arts,and STA--formerly SM, formerly PT:College of Science, Technology, and Agriculture. Former abbreviations: US: General Education, GSR: Graduate Studies and Research, SM: Science and Mathematics, PT--formerly SPS: School of Polytechnic Studies).

Posted College Course # Course Title View PDF Status
12/16/15 ED SE320  Techniques of Teaching Science SE320  Completed
12/10/15   CL001 Career Launch I CL001 Completed
12/10/15   CL002 Career Launch II CL002 Completed
12/10/15   CL003 Career Launch III CL003 Completed
12/10/15   CL004 Career Launch IV CL004 Completed
11/30/15 HHS NS649 Primary Care II Practicum NS649 Completed
11/23/15 BUS HM491-493 Independent Study in Hospitality Management HM491-493 Completed
11/19/15 BUS BA581 Entrepreneurship Practicum: Venture Creation BA581 Completed
11/19/15 BUS MK547 Sales Management MK547 Completed
11/19/15 STA EG201 Systems Engineering EG201 Completed
11/19/15 STA EG492 Modeling and Simulation EG492 Completed
11/19/15 STA IM405 Innovation for a Lean Enterprise IM405 Completed
11/19/15 STA BI163 Evolution and Ecology BI163 Completed
11/19/15 STA BI173 Cell and Organismal Biology BI173 Completed
11/19/15 STA BI283 Genetics BI283 Completed
11/19/15 STA BI389 Career Development in Biology BI389 Completed
11/19/15 STA IS003 Computer Information Systems Assessment IS003 Completed
11/03/15 HHS TX482 Practicum in Athletic Training VI TX482 Completed
10/13/15 LA PS331 The American Executive PS331 Completed
10/05/15 HHS FN240 Introduction to Food Science FN240 Completed
10/05/15 HHS FN450 Food Service Operations FN450 Completed
09/30/15 STA AG313 Agribusiness Social Media AG313 Completed
09/30/15 STA AY210 Animal Welfare AY210 Completed
09/30/15 HHS SW205 Building the Professional Relationship SW205 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD511 Fundamentals of Neuroscience PD511 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD512 Neuroanatomy Laboratory PD512 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD514 Neurobiology of Emotion PD514 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD515 Human Growth and Development PD515 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD518 Psychoneuroimmunology PD518 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD522 Psychology of Personality PD522 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD523 Cognitive Psychology PD523 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD527 History of Psychological Thought PD527 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD541 Clinical Psychopathology PD541
09/18/15 LA PD573 Ethics in Professional Psychology PD573 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD581 Introduction to Clinical Practice PD581 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD582 Fundamentals of Emergency Psychology PD582 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD620 Applied Research for Psychologists PD620 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD623 Qualitative and Quantitative Methods PD623 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD625 Test Construction PD625 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD645 Mood and Anxiety Disorders PD645 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD652 Cognitive Assessment PD652 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD658 Projective Personality Assessment PD658 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD660 Behavior Modification PD660 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD662 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy PD662 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD667 Short-Term Psychotherapy PD667 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD681 Cognitive Assessment Practicum PD681 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD683 Psychotherapeutic Techniques PD683 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD685 Intervention Planning PD685 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD686 Psychological Assessment and Testing PD686 Completed
09/18/15 LA PD688 Personality Assessment Practicum PD688 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY526 Consumer Psychology PY526 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY540 Personnel Psychology PY540 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY556 Organizational Psychology PY556 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY557 Psychometrics PY557 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY561 Advanced Social Psychology PY561 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY564 Research & Practice in I-O & Social Psychology PY564 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY657 Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice PY657 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY670 Job Analysis & Compensation PY670 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY671 Design and Analysis II PY671 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY675 Legal & Ethical Considerations in I-O Psychology PY675 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY681 Program Design & Evaluation PY681 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY696 Thesis Research PY696 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY697 Thesis Writing PY697 Completed
09/18/15 LA PY699 Internship in I-O Psychology PY699 Completed
09/15/15 HHS UI460 The Death Penalty History and Issues UI460 Completed
09/01/15 HHS FA104 Beyond Project Runway FA104 Completed
06/24/15 STA MA575 Time Series and Forecasting MA575 Completed
06/24/15 STA MA585 Introduction to Life Contingencies MA585 Completed
6/17/15 HHS NG001 Physical Readiness Training NG001 Completed
06/05/15 STA IS145 Intro to Web Development IS145 Completed
06/05/15 STA IS495 Senior Seminar IS495 Completed
04/23/15 HHS FA520 Survey of National Markets-New York FA520 Completed
04/23/15 HHS FA530 Fashion Industry Internship FA530 Completed
04/22/15 HHS CJ375 Victimology CJ375 Completed
04/21/15 LA UI462 Stalin's "Hunger Games": Soviet Women and the Totalitarian State UI462 Completed
04/20/15 ED AB403 Intro Ethics and Professional Conduct in Applied Behavior Analysis AB403 Completed
04/20/15 ED EX618 Introduction to Children with Exceptionalities EX618 Completed
04/20/15 ED EX619 Introduction to Mild Moderate Cross Categorical Internship EX619 Completed
04/20/15 ED EX621 Behavior Intervention Strategies EX621 Completed
04/20/15 ED EX622 Behavior Intervention Strategies Internship EX622 Completed
04/20/15 ED SE365 Pedagogy 2: Secondary School – Interdisciplinary Methods and Technology SE365 Completed
04/20/15 HHS HL550 Exercise Programming for Special Populations HL550 Completed
04/15/15 LA AH513 Northern Renaissance Art AH513 Completed
04/15/15 LA EN325 Topics in Writing EN325 Completed
04/15/15 LA LI431/631 Faulkner Seminar LI431/631 Completed
04/13/15 GR GR609 Graduate Thesis or Creative Project Development GR609 Completed
04/10/15 HHS DS218 Form and Space for Designers DS218 Completed
04/06/15 ED AB535 Special Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis AB535 Completed
04/06/15 ED AB405/605 Intensive Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis – I AB405
04/06/15 ED AB407/607 Intensive Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis – II AB407
04/06/15 ED AB608 Intensive Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis – III AB608 Completed
03/30/15 HHS DS620

Advanced Environmental Design Studio

*Course title changed due to challenge by Art Department, 4/7/2015. 

DS620 Completed
02/27/15 HHS FN310 Food and Culture FN310 Completed
02/27/15 HHS FN415 Principles and Practices of Foodservice for the Dietitian FN415 Completed
02/23/15 BUS QM530 Operations Analysis & Management QM530 Completed
02/23/15 ED AB601 Conceptual Topics in Behavior Analysis AB601 Completed
02/23/15 ED AB603 Intro Ethics and Professional Conduct in Applied Behavior Analysis AB603 Completed
02/23/15 ED AB604 Advanced Professional and Ethical Conduct of Behavior Analysts - I AB604 Completed
02/23/15 ED AB606 Advanced Professional and Ethical Conduct of Behavior Analysts - II AB606 Completed
02/23/15 ED AB531 Basic Principles in Applied Behavior Analysis AB531 Completed
02/23/15 ED AB532 Methods for Studying the Behavior of Individuals AB532 Completed
02/23/15 ED AB533 Applied Behavior Analysis I: Assessment and Skill Acquisition AB533 Completed
02/23/15 ED AB534 Applied Behavior Analysis II: Functional Assessment and Behavior Reduction AB534 Completed
02/13/15 STA IM302 Fundamentals of Technology Management IM302 Completed
02/12/15 STA MA375 Theory of Interest MA375 Completed
02/12/15 STA MA385 Financial Mathematics MA385 Completed
02/12/15 ED ED280 Introduction to Education as a Profession ED280 Completed
01/28/15 ED EX480 Exceptional Child Education Student Teaching Field Experience EX480 Completed
01/28/15 ED CE364 Methods of Teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies in Early Childhood and Elementary Education CE364 Completed
01/28/15 ED CE480 Early Childhood Education Student Teaching Field Experience CE480 Completed
01/28/15 ED EL300 Assistive and Instructional Technology in a Universal Design for Learning Environment EL300 Completed
01/28/15 ED EL310 Pedagogy: Elementary Instructional Models/Strategies EL310 Completed
01/28/15 ED EL340 Classroom Management, Climate, and Learning EL340 Completed
01/28/15 ED EL360 Integrated Math, Science, Social Sciences, and Health Instruction EL360 Completed
01/28/15 ED EL410 Differentiated Instruction EL410 Completed
01/28/15 ED EL420 Assessment and Data Analysis EL420 Completed
01/28/15 ED EL430 Advanced Field Experience EL430 Completed
01/28/15 ED EL480 Elementary Education Student Teaching Field Experience EL480 Completed
01/28/15 ED SE350 Pedagogy 1: Principles of Effective Teaching in Middle and Secondary Schools SE350 Completed
01/28/15 ED SE355 Field Experience 2 SE355 Completed
01/28/15 ED SE360 Pedagogy 2: Middle School – Interdisciplinary Methods and Technology SE360 Completed
01/28/15 ED SE365 Pedagogy 2: Secondary School – Interdisciplinary Methods and Technology SE365 Completed
01/28/15 ED SE380 Advanced Field Experience SE380 Completed
01/28/15 ED SE385 Pedagogy 3: Advanced Methods of Middle and Secondary Teaching SE385 Completed
01/28/15 ED SE390 Instructional Interventions for Middle and High School Students with Special Literacy Needs SE390 Completed
01/28/15 ED SE465 Middle and Secondary Student Teaching Field Experience SE465 Completed
01/26/15 HHS HL105 Introduction to Allied Health Professions HL105 Completed
01/26/15 HHS PE261 Concepts of Injury Management in Physical Education PE261 Completed
01/26/15 HHS PE262 Introduction to Group Exercise PE262 Completed
01/26/15 HHS PE263 Injury Management in Physical Education Lab PE263 Completed
01/26/15 HHS RC371 Challenge Course Administration and Facilitation RC371 Completed
01/14/15 LA DA227 World Dance I DA227 Completed
01/14/15 LA DA228 Hip Hop Dance I DA228 Completed
01/14/15 LA DA301

Dance Musicianship

*The course number was changed to DA301, as there was already a DA310 in existence.

DA301 Completed
01/14/15 LA DA327 World Dance II DA327 Completed
01/14/15 LA DA328 Hip Hop Dance II DA328 Completed
01/14/15 LA DA396 Movement Analysis II DA396 Completed
01/14/15 LA TH221

Auditioning II

*The course number was changed to TH221, as there was already a TH220 in existence.

TH221 Completed
01/14/15 LA TH260

Drawing for the Theatre II

*The course number was changed to TH260, as there was already a TH266 in existence.

TH260 Completed
01/14/15 LA TH486 Sound Design II TH486 Completed


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