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Area of Specialization

The term "area of specialization" is specific to the B.S. in Education Elementary, 1-8 and Middle School/Junior High School, 4-8 programs.  It fulfills one requirement of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for teacher certification for those programs.  An area of specialization consists of an approved, structured 21 hour (minimum) concentration of courses in an area appropriate for elementary teachers.  An appropriate area for the 1 8 program could lie either within the field of education, such as the teaching of exceptional children, or could lie within a subject area which would be taught by elementary teachers, such as mathematics, arts, etc.  That of the Middle School/Junior High, 4-8 program must be in a teaching field as specified by Department of Elementary and Secondary Education certification requirements.  The 21 hours may be applied toward an additional area of certification but in all cases should provide a positive contribution to professional preparation of the prospective elementary teacher.


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