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State Mandated Program Review

The assessment of existing programs is part of the normal planning and review process of departments as well as the institution's response to the state-mandated review of 20 percent of all academic programs.  Program Reviews include completion of stages one through three of the regular departmental review cycle, as well as the department's response to the following basic information required by the CBHE: 

  • Process (of the Review) 
  • Relationship (of the Program) to Institutional Priorities 
  • Response to Findings in Previous (Program) Reviews 
  • Current Strengths of the Program 
  • Aspects of the Program that Need Improvement 
  • Assessment in the Major 
  • Actions Proposed or Taken (as a Result of the Review)

When program reviews are scheduled, the College Council serves as the primary advisory body in the analysis of the current needs of students for the program, quality of programs, and the current means that the departments involved and the University have for meeting those needs.  The Dean will then prepare a summary of the Program Review, including the Council's recommendations, and forward it to the Office of the Provost.  Finally, the Provost will convey the recommendations of the College and institutional decisions regarding program expansion, contraction, or discontinuation to appropriate academic units and eventually the CBHE.


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