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Student Professional Development Fund

A goal in the University's Strategic Plan is that all students will have meaningful experiential learning as part of their education. Southeast has established, as part of its Campus-level FFR Program, a fund to support professional experiences for students. The fund helps make possible the participation by students in real-world, professional presentations of the results of research and other creative work. The program supports travel, lodging and other expenses related to these activities (subject to university policies governing faculty/staff travel) on a competitive basis. This program is run directly by the Funding For Results Team as a permanent program.

Application/ Approval and Reimbursement Process/Criteria

  • This fund is designed to support student professional activities, including presentations, recitals, exhibitions, and similar creative activities on the regional, state, national, or international level. Students must demonstrate that their presentations or products from creative activities have been reviewed by methods appropriate to the discipline e.g. abstract, try out, submission of a tape or examples of the work to be presented and accepted by the sponsor of the activity. Funds will not be allocated for attendance only or for presentations that have not been subjected to a review process.
  • All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for funds from the Student Professional Development Account. Funds available for graduate students will not exceed twenty percent of total funds. Professional activities supported by this fund must take place while the student is currently enrolled or before June 30 for students graduating in the spring.
  • A student may receive only one professional development grant from this fund per fiscal year.
  • A student must submit the completed application form to the Office of the Provost. Proof of acceptance of the presentation or creative activity must be attached and documentation of anticipated expenses, including the Trip Optimizer form, must be provided on the Budget form. The application should be submitted at least thirty days prior to travel. Participants are expected to use the most cost effective means of transportation and avail themselves of conference hotel discounts. In the case where several students are traveling to the same meeting, efforts should be made to minimize costs by shared travel and room expenses. It is expected that the faculty sponsor will coordinate the application process, and provide an explanatory cover letter for these proposals. No more than five students will receive funding to go to a single event.
  • The student, sponsor, and chair/head of the sponsor's department will receive written confirmation from the Office of the Provost of the amount funded for the activity. An advance of the funded amount (to pay for airfare, for example) may be requested from the department of the sponsor.
  • Upon completion of the professional development activity, the student must submit a completed  Student Development Report along with a University Expense Report form (signed by the sponsor and the department chair) AND RECEIPTS FOR ALL EXPENSES CLAIMED to the departmental office of the sponsor for reimbursement. The department will then submit copies of the report and form to the Office of the Provost (mail stop 3400) for reimbursement to the department.
  • The committee responsible for evaluating applications for student professional development funds will follow the basic criteria for funding of allowing each applicant a maximum of $600, as long as funds are available. Expenses over the initial award are the responsibility of the student. 
  • All travel expenses and reimbursements must abide by all University guidelines and requirements. Please consult with your academic department on allowable expenses and refer to the travel policy and procedures found at:




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