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Busy Chairperson's Guide to Assessment

Academic program assessment has been a fixture in Missouri higher education for the last fifteen years and has continuously evolved throughout that time. The ongoing interest of the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education in assessment, together with commitments made in Southeast’s strategic plan and the elevation of academic assessment to a prominent place in accreditation by the North Central Association dictate that we focus our attention seriously on the quality and effectiveness of our assessment programs. The most concise and comprehensive description of academic assessment now available is a publication of the North Central Accreditation Commission on Institutions of Higher Education: Cecilia L. Lopez, Opportunities for Improvement: Advice from Consultant-Evaluators on Programs to Assess Student Learning. You received a copy at the summer 1997 Chairpersons Retreat, and I recommend it to you as a clear and helpful reference. I also hope that the following set of questions and answers, specific to assessment at Southeast, will serve as a helpful guide for reviewing, implementing, and reporting your department’s assessment program.


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