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Southeast Step Up

Bystander Intervention - SOUTHEAST STEP UP!

At Southeast, we promote healthy choices, civility, and respect for all.
We have the power to protect our students, staff, and visitors from harm and assist them when they are in need.
There may be times when you may need to stop being an observer (BYSTANDER) and act/react in some way (INTERVENTION).
Most problematic behaviors on college campuses involve bystanders (people watching or in the area).

The times you may have to intervene (STEP UP!) include:

  • When a friend or another student has had too much to drink.
  • When a friend or another student talks about harming him/herself or others.
  • When you observe a situation that just does not seem quite right.
  • When you notice violent behavior or that someone is injured or in danger.
  • When you observe that a person or group is being hazed by a person or group.
  • When you perceive that someone may harm someone in your presence.
  • When you encounter someone who may not be able to take care of him/herself.
  • When you observe an argument or altercation between two people or a group.

Southeast STEP UP!* - The 5 Decision Making Steps

  1. Notice the event
  2. Interpret the event as a problem — investigate!
  3. Assume personal responsibility
  4. Know how to help
  5. Implement the help: Step UP!

*University of Arizona

We can ALL make a difference!!
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