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Core Course Requirements (27 Hours)

TL525: Theories of ESL/EFL Learning (3)
TL585: Methods and Techniques of TESOL (3)
TL625: Materials Development & Assessment Tools for TESOL (3)
TL648: Foundations in Linguistics (3)
UI501: Principles of Language (3)
TL530: Practicum in TESOL (3)

TL620: Approaches to the Teaching of Grammar (3)
EN686: Sociolinguistics (3)
TL601: Research Methods for TESOL (3)
TL630: Special Problems in TESOL (3)
Elective Courses (9 Hours)

The 9 elective hours are not confined to the four courses listed below.  Students will be advised to select courses that are appropriate to their field of interest.  These fields may include composition, literature, education, foreign languages, etc.

EN606: Topics, Issues, and Trends in English (3)
SE641: Teaching in a Multicultural Society (3)
TL610:Developing Intercultural Awareness and Competence (3)
TL650: Approaches to Second Language Literacy Instruction (3)

Capstone Experience

Students will meet the 36-hour requirement through course work to be eligible to take the comprehensive exam.
Students must file a graduate intent form with their advisor's signature no later than the first week of the semester and they must enroll in GR 698: Masters Comprehensive Exam the semester they plan to take the MA TESOL exam. GR698 is zero credit hours.
The 4 hour MA comprehensive exam will include the following: one question related to research techniques; one question that requires you to apply theory to a learning situation, and a section that reflects the student's academic interest (the self-generated question that is developed with a student's advisor). In each section, you will have a choice of two questions.
The student-generated question will be submitted to the student's advisor at least four weeks before the scheduled exam.
Exams will be offered once in the fall, once in the spring, and once in the summer.
Candidates, in accordance with Graduate School policy, must submit a non-thesis paper. The acceptance sheet is due in the Graduate Office a week before the student takes the comprehensive exam. See Graduate Paper Guidelines for more details, and Important Dates for deadlines.


Independent studies are restricted to six credit hours and, in accordance with Graduate School policy, may not, except in unusual circumstances, duplicate an existing course.
Under certain circumstances, a student may be allowed to write a thesis or develop a teaching portfolio. For further information, contact Dr. Irina Ustinova, Graduate Coordinator of the MA TESOL Program,



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