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Textbook Rental

Attention: Textbook Rental Update 

(updated 7/9/20)

The Redhawk Food Pantry is closed to visitors at this time, if you do need food assistance, please contact us.

Summer Textbook Pickup/Return

All Summer Textbooks are due August 10, 2020 by 4pm. The afterhours drop box will be open beginning August 3, 2020 at 4pm until August 10, 2020 8am.  Our lobby is open if you would like to come in to return your books, Monday -Friday 8am-4pm. 

Textbook Rental is offering Curbside Summer Textbook Pick-Up and Return drop off!  Curbside is only offered from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday

How it works: Place your summer Textbook Rental order via our online order form, request Curbside if you want to pick them up at main campus only. We will email you when your order is ready for pick up. Pull up in front of Textbook Rental entrance during the scheduled times we are open and an associate will assist you. If you don't see an associate give us a call and we will be right there! Please have your SEMO ID ready for the associate to verify your identity.  

Remember to place your order before you come by!

Can’t make it to campus? Please complete an online order form and we will ship your summer Textbook Rental books to your home. (We are offering Free Ground Shipping in the Continental US only).

For everyone’s safety, non-contact and social distancing guidelines will be required throughout the distribution/collection process. The inside of Textbook Rental department is limited to the public at this time due to the Covid-19 guidelines, please check our website for any updated department operational hours changes.

Southeast Bookstore Summer Textbook Pickup

For instructions to order materials online from the Southeast Bookstore visit their website.  Southeast Bookstore will mail your summer course materials to you at no cost if you are unable to pick them up in person. The Bookstore is also offering curbside pickup for your summer course materials. 

Fall 2020 Textbook Rental Preorder-Early Bird Pickup

Reserve your books early—Pick them up early –Avoid the crowds!

To help reduce the crowds and to maintain social distancing guidelines due to the Covid-19, we will be offering Early Bird Pick up for fall 2020 preorders Textbook Rental books.

As Easy As 1-2-3:

#1  Place your preorder

Beginning July 13, 2020 through July 31, 2020. Select “Early Bird Pickup” on our online order form, fill out the course information section and answer a few questions. 

#2  Let us gather your books

At the end of July, we will pull your preorder request, check your schedule and gather the Textbook Rental books you need for your courses. Your rental fees will be charged to your student account. We will email you when they are ready for pick up.

#3  Pick up your books!

When you get back to campus, your books will be ready for pick up starting August 3, 2020 through August 14, 2020. All you do is come to the Textbook Rental department, located in the basement of Kent Library with your SEMO student ID. We will also offer curbside pickup, available Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, just give us a call 573-651-2236 when you arrive. If you would prefer to have them shipped, our standard shipping charge will be applied to your student account.

Questions?   If there is a question we have not answered here, please email this is something new, so please be patient we are also learning. 

Q. How do I know my Early Bird order is ready to pick up?
A. All Textbook Early Bird orders will begin to be ready for pick up starting August 3, 2020, depending on the availability of the textbooks in stock, and when you placed your order. You will receive an email letting you know when it is ready for pick up.
Q. I already sent in an online order, do I need to do anything more?
A. No, unless you would prefer to change from shipping your books to picking up your books, web orders for online students will still be shipped as requested.
Q. How do you know what books I will need?
A. We will pull the books for the courses you requested, and we will check your schedule on or about July 20, 2020 to check for any possible changes. This is the schedule we will use to determine what course materials you will need.
Q. How can I cancel my preorder?
A. Please send us an email or call us at 573-651-2236 ASAP to cancel your order.
Q. How will I know how much my books will cost?
A. Textbook Rental has a flat rental rate of $35.00 ($36.31 with tax) per course.
Q. Can I pick up my Textbook preorder any earlier?
A. No, we will still be receiving orders earlier, and may not have the books you are needing. Early Bird Pick up is 2 weeks earlier than usual.
Q. How long do I have to pick up my Textbook Early Bird order?
A. Students can pick up their Textbook Preorders until we close on Friday August 14, 2020.
Q. What happens if the instructor decides not to use the book I received, or I changed my schedule after I picked up my books?
A. Simply return the book to the Textbook Rental department before August 28, 2020 for a full refund on the rental fee.
Q. Can you ship or send my Early Bird order to my home or dorm room or regional campus location?
A. Students must be able to pick up their Textbook Rental Early Bird order at the main campus or ship it to their home address. Textbooks shipped will incur Shipping charges which will be applied to your student account.


It's like a scholarship for every student

Welcome to the Textbook Rental Department! Southeast Missouri State University offers a unique benefit for our students. As a long standing tradition, we have a textbook rental system that is convenient and an economic benefit. Students pay a fixed rental fee per course. It is our mission to rent the main textbook required for students at a fraction of the cost of the textbook.  This cost savings benefit is for Undergraduate and Graduate students who are enrolled in 100-599 level courses and/or cross listed 400/600 level courses where the primary textbook is available at Textbook Rental.

Textbook Rental is owned and operated by Southeast Missouri State University for the benefit of our University Community. You help support the University through renting your books at Textbook Rental since all the proceeds from our operations are returned to the University. Thank you for your support!

Information for Southeast Bookstore go to  

Please do not use the Kent Library's book return wall slots.


Kent Library 123
Textbook Rental
One University Plaza, MS 2020
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701
Redhawk Food Pantry
Located inside Textbook Rental/ Monday-Friday 12noon-4:00pm