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Counseling Services Information for Parents

The following is a description of the counseling services that are available to your Southeast student.

Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility (CDS) offers short-term individual, couples, and group counseling for a variety of concerns. Students come in for counseling to help them with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, academic motivation, and relationship problems. A student’s first contact with the center is through a screening appointment with a counselor to determine the severity of the situation, how to best address their concerns, and to determine if an off-campus referral is appropriate. The plan may include individual counseling at CDS, a referral to a practitioner in the community, group counseling, attending a workshop, consultation with a psychiatrist or Family Nurse Practitioner for medication, or referral to other campus academic support services.

What to do when concerned about your student.
The counselors at the Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility are available to talk to you during the day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 573-986-6191. Counselors are able to help you with many of the questions or concerns that you have about your student’s well-being. These questions may relate to your student’s needs or where the needed assistance can be obtained. In as much as the counseling staff is eager to help you with your concerns or questions about your student, confidentiality is an essential aspect of the counseling relationship which limits the information they can share with you. Confidentiality in the counseling relationship is protected in the state of Missouri, and this prevents the counseling staff from discussing your student’s counseling in any way without written permission from your student. Counselors cannot confirm in any way if your student has been seen at the CDS.

In all situations, counselors are NOT able to initiate contact with students. Students need to contact Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility for services. As parents of Southeast students, please feel free to contact the CDS if you have any concerns about your student, want the center to be aware of something concerning your student, or have questions about our services and how to access them.


Phone: 573.986.6191
Fax: 573.986.6031
Crisp Hall 201-202

Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility
One University Plaza, MS 8220
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701

After Hours Services

Call the University Police Department at 651-2911 for emergency situations after hours, on weekends, or during session breaks. The University Police Department will contact the University's Crisis Response Team.