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The Office of Residence Life provides convenient and affordable on-campus housing to all students, upholds judicial issues such as university and/or housing violations, and maintains clean and secure facilities. Residence Life employs Residence Assistants for most floors of every residence hall as well as professional Hall Directors for all the residence halls. Residence Life staff members take proactive safety measures by educating first-time and returning students on safety issues. In addition, they provide continuing awareness programs throughout the school year.

Victim(s) of stalking, domestic violence, and sexual assault can report to any student or professional staff members of Residence Life. Members of Residence Life will ask the victim basic information related to the incident. After assessing the information, the Residence Life members will give available options to the victim and refer him/her to appropriate services, such as university police, counseling services, medical treatment, etc. Residence Life advocates for the student, meaning they will not “push” the victim to pursue any other options if the victim does not want further actions taken. The victim’s information will only be shared with appropriate personnel within Residence Life (hall directors and the Director of Residence Life). The only outside sources that would be notified of the student’s name would be university police and/or counseling services so they could assist the victim. If it is determined that a victim participated in other university or housing violations at the time of the incident, a report would be forwarded to the Office of Student Conduct for a review before any disciplinary actions would be taken. Residence Life members have provided several “beyond the scope of duty” services (including anything from sitting at the hospital with the victim to contacting whomever the victim would like to know about the issue). If the alleged perpetrator is found not in violation of university policies and/or criminal laws, and the victim is still apprehensive about the alleged perpetrator, Residence Life will move either the victim or the alleged perpetrator to another space on campus so the victim feels the safest. Upon resolution of the incident, Residence Life staff will informally check on the victim as often as requested.

If the victim wants further assistance, Residence Life staff would direct the victim to other resources. These resources include: Department of Public Safety, Campus Violence Prevention Program, Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility, Beacon Health Center, Safe House for Women, and local hospitals.

For more information please visit the Residence Life website

Contact Residence Life:

Location: Towers Complex
Phone Number: (573) 651-2274 (campus x2274)
General Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Donna St. Sauver, Coordinator
Text: 573.427.2877
Crisp Hall 201-202

Center for Behavioral Health and Accessibility
One University Plaza, MS 2030
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701