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Fees are based upon the age of the child and a discount is applied for children of students and University staff, faculty and administration. Please contact us for a fee schedule.

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Fee Schedule and Policies

The fees for the University School for Young Children (USYC) and the University Child Development Center (UCDC) are based on fall, spring and summer sessions. Children are enrolled for a fall, spring or summer session and families are charged for the entire session at the time of enrollment.  The fee is determined by the group in which the child is placed at the beginning of the session and the fee schedule of the program.  Fall session is August 1 through December 31.  Spring session is January 1 through May 31.  Summer session is June 1 through July 31.

Families may make arrangements to pay fall/spring/summer session fees in installments or in one payment.  The payment schedule will be arranged with the school at the time of enrollment and may be changed at the beginning of a new session. 

A child must be enrolled on a continuous basis to hold a space.  Children who are absent for part of a session must pay for the entire session to maintain enrollment.  In addition, a child who does not enroll for summer session is considered withdrawn and will be placed at the end of the waiting list for future enrollment.  This child will not be assured a space for fall and will only be offered an opening if space is available. 

If a child is enrolled for a session and does not attend the first three days of that session and no payment has been made beyond the enrollment fee, the schools will consider this a notice of withdrawal.  It is therefore very important that parents make the first payment on time if the child will not be in attendance the first week.  If a child is withdrawn because of non-attendance/non-payment, the parent will be charged one full installment.

Withdrawing from the Program

In order to withdraw, families must provide the Site Director of the school a two-week written notice of their intentions.  Fees must be paid to the end of the month of withdrawal. Failure to give notice will result in fees being assessed for the time period involved, even if the child is not in attendance.  Families withdrawing their child during the last four weeks of a semester will be expected to pay for the entire session, since it is unlikely we would be able to fill a slot at that time. Failure to pay for services will result in a hold on use of University services. 

In the event that it is necessary for a child to be withdrawn during the fall, spring or summer session after payment has been made, in full or in part, a refund may be processed.  The amount of the refund will be determined by prorating the amount due.  Refunds will not be processed for persons giving notice the last four weeks in any session.

If a child is dismissed by the Center, no prorated refund will be made for the remainder of the month in which the child is dis-enrolled.  However, a refund of prorated fees will be made if the family has paid for the entire fall, spring or summer session.


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