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Writing Proficiency Exams

Writing assessment is an important part of writing across the curriculum at Southeast Missouri State University.  Through assessment, the university is able to place the student in the composition course best suited to his or her needs, monitor the effectiveness of the writing experience at Southeast, and ensure that all students who graduate from Southeast Missouri State University have basic writing competencies.

It is important to remember that the purpose of the Writing Assessment Program is not just to certify the student's individual competency.  The State of Missouri is increasingly concerned that its institutions of higher learning conduct extensive assessment to determine the effect of curriculum and instruction on levels of performance in key areas.  In order to respond to this concern, the university cannot rely merely upon student grades to draw conclusions about performance levels.  The writing assessment component of writing across the curriculum collects and analyzes supplementary data which can be used to improve curriculum and instruction and assess the effectiveness of instructional programs.

Writing Proficiency Exams

WP001: Placement Exam
English CLEP Exam from Testing Services
WP005: Developmental Writing Common Final Exam

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English Composition Placement Exam
Holistic Scoring


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