Available Services - Up to One Year Post Graduation

  • Career Planning Assistance
  • Job Search Advisement
  • Resume & Cover Letter Critiques
  • Interview Preparation Guidance

Available Services - All/Each Year

  • REDConnect
  • Career Fair Events
  • Website Resources

What is REDConnect?

REDConnect is an online resource which connects current students and alumni with employers providing employment opportunities. After setting up your profile, you are able to search through a plethora of position postings, develop and save application materials, keep up to date on Career Services events and programs, and much more! Click the button below for more information on REDConnect and how to access a current profile or how to request a profile as an alumni.


Available Services - All/Each Year

  • Alumni Networking Events
  • Online Career Enhancement

What is Online Career Enhancement?

Online Career Enhancement is a website which provides alumni with access to free career development webinars and resources. In addition, it also connects with Southeast's Alumni Association webpage where alumni can review additional information, including the News and Events tab to observe upcoming networking event information. Click the button below for more information.

Online Career Enhancement

Additional Alumni Association Links