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The College of Education leads the state in preparing educators, leaders and counselors to be first year ready for the challenges of the respective profession. We offer highly integrated field or clinical experiences across our programs to provide real world application of effective practice. We also provide students a technology rich learning environment with our EDvolution iPad integration for all of our undergraduate students. Explore our pages to decide if you are ready to join our EDvolution.

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We are also proud of our Freshman Learning Communities. These are designed to help explore education as a major and prepare our freshman for successful entry in to the college. Check out Tomorrow's Teachers and Secondary Scholars to see which one might be right for you.


  • Southeast’s College of Education Programs to Expand in Poplar Bluff

    Beginning in fall 2017, the Department of Elementary, Early and Special Education at Southeast Missouri State University will offer bachelor’s degrees educational opportunities at Three Rivers College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The expansion allows aspiring teachers in the local area an option to obtain their bachelor’s degree in elementary education, early childhood education and exceptional […]
  • Southeast Alumna Nominated to NAEYC’s Young Professionals Advisory Council

    Southeast Missouri State University alumna Samohya Stallons loves teaching. As a kindergarten teacher at Normandy School Collaborative in St. Louis, Missouri, she loves the excitement of making a positive difference in students every day. “Teaching is so much bigger than me,” said Stallons. “My behavior and practices can make or break a child’s spirit and […]
  • Southeast Honors Student Encourages Jackson Children to Explore STEAM Education

    More than 300 people, including 112 children in grades K-5 and their parents, grandparents and siblings participated in an evening of fun Nov. 10 in Jackson, Missouri, where they challenged each other to robot racing, learned the language of computers, explored math with interactive games, harnessed the power of electricity and got in touch with […]
  • Southeast Honors Student Urges Children, Families to go Full STEAM Ahead

    Children in grades K-5 and their families are invited to an evening of fun Nov. 10 in Jackson, Missouri, where they will challenge each other to robot racing, learn the language of computers, explore math with interactive games, harness the power of electricity and get in touch with their inner artist. It’s all part of […]