Southeast Missouri State University

of the
Student Honors Council

Adopted on
Monday, September 23, 1996

Revised on
Tuesday, October 5, 1999

Article I.  Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be the Student Honors Council.

Article II.  Mission

The mission of the Student Honors Council is to enhance the honors students’ educational experience.  To accomplish this, we will strive to increase enrollment in honors courses, promote interaction between honors students and the Jane Stephens Honors Program and propose improvements in the Stephens Honors Program.

Article III.  Acquisition of Members

Section I. - Those students accepted into the Stephens Honors Program at Southeast Missouri State University and are actively enrolled in honors courses are eligible for membership on the Student Honors Council.

Section II. - There is a definite process by which members are selected to serve on the Student Honors Council.

  1. When the need arises for new members, an announcement will be placed in the honors newsletter, the Honorable Mention.

  2. After the announcement, a nomination form will be published in the Honorable Mention.  Any honors student or honors faculty member may nominate an honors student for the Council using this form.  The form will ask for demographic data as well as request that a resume be prepared to bring to the interview.

  3. The forms will be returned to the Secretary, who will compile the list and be in charge of contacting the nominees to set up interview times with those still interested in a position.

  4. The interview committee will conduct individual interviews with the nominees. 

    1. The interview committee will be comprised of three to four members of the Council.  Those members will be chosen among the current Council members and any process may be used to choose those who will sit on the committee.

    2. The individual interviews will last 15-20 minutes long and questions of a nature pertaining to the nominee’s potential performance on the Council will be asked.

  5. The interview committee will then present a brief synopsis of each candidate to the entire Council for review and discussion.  The standards for qualification on the Council shall be determined by the organization.  Some of the items considered for membership on the Council include:  
    1. Apparent commitment to the Stephens Honors Program and the Honors Council.

    2. Ability to work well with others.

    3. Strengths and weaknesses.

    4. Talents and skills.

    5. Creative ideas.

    6. Other commitments.

  6. If it is deemed necessary, a second round of interviews will be conducted.

  7. After review and discussion, the nominees will be approved by a majority decision of the Council.

  8. After the decision is made, the interview committee will be responsible for contacting every nominee shortly after the decision has been made. The interview committee will attempt to contact all nominees on the same day.

Section III. - Once a member has been selected to the Student Honors Council, his/her term will last the duration of the student’s college career at Southeast Missouri State University.

Article IV.  Officers

The Officers of the Student Honors Council shall be as follows:  Chairperson or Co-Chairpersons, Secretary, Activities Chairperson, Honorable Mention Editor, Publicity Chairperson, Faculty Facilitator, Enrollment Chairperson, and Learning in Volunteerism (LIV) Liaison.

Article V.  Duties and Responsibilities of Officers

Section I. - The responsibilities of the Chairperson shall be to conduct the meetings in an orderly fashion and act as the head representative for the Student Honors Council and the Stephens Honors Program.

Section II. - The Secretary has the responsibilities of recording the minutes of the meetings and typing up the agenda prior to the start of every meeting.

Section III. - The duties of the Activities Chairperson shall be to organize and plan the extracurricular activities and events for honors students and shall delegate responsibilities and duties relating to the planning of these events.

Section IV. - The Honorable Mention Editor shall have the main responsibility to edit and produce the honors newsletter, the Honorable Mention, and assign stories to other Council members.

Section V. - The Faculty Facilitator shall coordinate all communication between honors faculty and honors students.

Section VI. - The responsibilities of the Enrollment Chairperson shall be to organize all classroom visits by the Council members and to publish the upcoming honors course schedule.

Section VII. - The LIV representative serves as spokesperson for the LIV Committee and informs the Council on volunteer opportunities for honors students.  The LIV Committee also coordinates the community service programs for the honors sections of UI 100.

Section VIII. - The Communications Chairperson will be responsible for contacting members of the Council in case of absence from meetings.  The chair will also be responsible for notifying Council members of any changes or additional information not provided at the meeting.  In the event that no Communications Chairperson is available, the Council Chairperson will assume this duty.

Section IX. - The Publicity Chairperson will be responsible for producing publicity for all events of the Student Honors Council.

Article VI.  Elections

Section I. - Elections for the Student Honors Council Officers shall take place at the end of each semester. The new officers elected at this meeting shall begin their responsibilities and duties as officers at the start of the next semester.

Section II. - Any member of the Council is eligible for nomination as an officer.

Article VII.  Meetings

The meetings of the Student Honors Council will be regular and set according to need for each semester.

Article VIII.  Amendments

Amendments to the Constitution shall be declared adopted which are presented at two meetings and passed by a 2/3 vote of the Student Honors Council members present at the meeting.

Article IX.  By-laws

By-laws may be adopted or amended by a majority vote of the regular members present at any meeting, providing that the By-laws are submitted in writing to the general membership at least one week in advance.