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During the summer of 2011, Whitney P., a marketing major at Southeast Missouri State University, completed a 3-month summer long internship with the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri. Whitney, a marketing major at Southeast, helped in the areas of marketing, public relations, and special events planning while interning with the State Fair. As an intern, Whitney helped to coordinate the Opening Ceremony, the Amateur Talent Show, and the Governor's Ham Breakfast, which all took place during the 11-day fair. Whitney claims that while the classes she took at Southeast did help in preparing her for the internship, she would learn far more through experience than she ever could in a classroom. She states that many skills were needed of her such as organization, professionalism, determination, patience, creativity, and self-motivation. Whitney's internship with the Missouri State Fair focused a lot on promotions and public relations. She was responsible for producing several press releases which promoted the activities of the fair. A huge aspect of the internship was the process of event planning. Whitney was not only responsible for sending out invitations and keeping the mailing lists updated, but she was also responsible for the set-up of each event, as well as coordinating schedules with interviews. Whitney completed her internship with the Missouri State Fair at the end of the summer. This internship has helped her not only personally, but also in terms of her career goals. Whitney describes that the internship left her with many wonderful memories. Not only did she gain valuable insight into her possible career goals, but she had a wonderful experience filled with "lifelong friends, many sources of guidance and references, and a place to visit time and time again."

Matthew B., a marketing major at Southeast Missouri State University, recently completed an internship with the retailer, Crate & Barrel, located in Richmond Heights, MO. Matthew was supervised by the store manager of Crate & Barrel and completed on-the-job training each week as part of his internship. Matthew was assigned special projects within his internship which included developing a proposal on ideas for improving the business of Crate & Barrel. This special project included a final presentation on his ideas which were reviewed by Crate & Barrel's corporate office. Matthew explains that through his internship he was able to develop and improve his customer service skills including Point-of-Sale system knowledge, floor maintenance and product knowledge. He was assigned several duties as an intern including tasks such as assisting the department manager in daily operations of the business, assisting the design team regarding floor plans and display changes, assisting the office manager with daily routines and assisting with semi-annual inventory. Through his internship, Matthew was able to work within every department of the store which provided him with a clear understanding of how a retail store operates. He was able to implement his own ideas and visions for the business by presenting a final business plan to the corporate office. Due to his interest in sales, promotions, and communications, this internship was extremely valuable to Matthew and provided him with a great career opportunity upon graduation.

Management major, Kristin M., did an internship with her own family-owned company, All Climate Services.  During her internship she learned several aspects of her family's business.  She was in charge of several tasks including accounting and payroll responsibilities.  She gained experience in customer service, data entry, phone etiquette, and tracking service orders. She felt the work she did was very challenging and built her skill set.

During the summer of 2011, marketing major Ronald P. completed an internship with the Central Baptist Church, located in St. Louis, MO. Included in his duties as an intern with the church, Ronald was responsible for pastoral assistance, advertising and marketing coordination, website and internet upkeep, and associate minister duties. Ronald states that through his internship he was able to experience the inner workings of a church, from the spiritual aspect to the business aspect. Ronald was responsible for not only promoting the church to its own members, but also to non-members outside of the church. He used a variety of tools in order to do so such as creating a phone app for the Church, keeping up-to-date with the Church's Facebook and Twitter pages, and also creating ways to advertise and promote the Church itself. Ronald was able to take modern advertising and marketing tools and combine them with the spiritual side of promoting a Church. He created business "invite" cards which promoted Central Baptist and informed non-members of the expansion of the Church. Ronald was able to implement the skills and techniques he learned through his classes at Southeast in order to market and promote Central Baptist Church. He helped to expand the Church through several forms of marketing communications and helped them to adopt new social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and a mobile app geared towards promoting the activities of the Church. He helped to recruit new members and also geared his advertising and promotions towards targeting as much of the youth as possible. Consequently, by combining two aspects of Ronald's life in which he is passionate about, he was able to generate fantastic marketing and advertising results for Central Baptist Church. His internship has helped him strengthen his goals for the future and through this he has gained valuable professional experience.

Aimee R., a marketing major at Southeast Missouri State University did a particularly interesting internship this past summer. Aimee, interning with a North Carolina based company called University Directories, was required to complete a week-long, all expenses paid training in North Carolina. The training consisted of classroom lectures, hands-on experience with role playing, and learning and rehearsing an entire sales pitch. Aimee claims that this internship actually allows interns real experience in the field. Each morning, interns would have to set goals for the number of sales calls they would complete that day, as well as the number of sales, including the dollar amount. Also, Aimee remembers that each morning the regional manager would leave a motivational voicemail, inspiring the interns about their upcoming day on the job. Aimee states that there were no specific requirements for the internship due to the intensive amount of training provided by the company. She claims that her marketing courses helped prepare her for the internship, especially her Professional Selling course. In particular, she learned how to properly pitch a sales proposal and how to communicate with the customer. Overall, Aimee claims that the internship gave her valuable experience and insight into her future career goals.

Human Resources Management major, Sarah K. completed an internship with the City of Jackson, MO.  Sarah was responsible for writing and revising three job description postings for the City of Jackson.  She created a new organizational chart by using Microsoft Excel.  Also, she revised the Computer and Network Usage Policy for the city.  Sarah expressed that her supervisor was extremely helpful in providing on-the-job training.  She felt the internship was beneficial to her, both personally and professionally and the knowledge she gained through interning will help her in the future.

Nick L., a management major had the opportunity to do an internship with the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in both Cape Girardeau and Chesterfield., MO.  Nick underwent a week long training session in St. Louis to prepare for the internship. When first hired he knew nothing about insurance or investments.  Nick felt that this internship with Northwestern Mutual gave him adequate training and experience on running his own business.  He was responsible for gathering his own clients, contacting them, and scheduling individual meetings with them.  By watching veteran representatives meet with successful clients, he learned how to present himself in a more professional manner.  Nick was also trained to be an expert on the three main products of Northwestern Mutual:  life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance.  Nick felt the internship helped him grow personally and professionally in a real-world environment.

The above summaries were written by Kari Young, Intern for the Department of Management and Marketing, Fall 2011.


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