Southeast Missouri State University

You may place your name on a waiting list for a closed course once it has reached our maximum capacity allowed for the course.

Steps to Complete the Waiting List Form Below

  1. Make your request after enrollment begins and you've found that the course is closed....completing the form in advance of the enrollment period is not acceptable.
  2. Make sure you have met the course prerequisites before you complete the request.
  3. Make sure you have met your financial obligations to the university.  If a seat becomes available and your account is delinquent, we cannot enroll you.
  4. Complete all the boxes on the form and select the appropriate choices matching your course requested for the appropriate term you want to take the course.
  5. In the Detailed Explanation Section: Explain why you need this course this semester and if there are other sections of the course, explain why you need the section requested. Explain all special circumstances. Your explanation is very important. Be specific in your explanations.
  6. If you change your mind after submitting a form, please let us know you no longer want to be on a waiting list for a particular course by emailing
  7. Repetitive emailing/calling to check on your status on the waiting list does not help your case.  Providing complete information on the form, including a detailed explanation is the most helpful.

The Process Followed by the Department of Management and Marketing

When a waiting list is started, a control is placed on this course and only students from the waiting list will be enrolled in the course should space become available.

Seats are saved for students enrolled in "online-only" degree programs for a period of time.  If and when any of the saved seats are released back to the department we can allow other students access to the course.

The administrative assistant for the department, Mrs. Steinhoff, receives the submitted waiting list forms.

The chairperson of the department reviews the waiting lists and determines if any students will be added to the closed courses. Selection of students is based on graduation requirements and special personal circumstances, not the order in which a student appeared on the waiting list. The goal is to assist a person in meeting his/her graduation requirements in a timely fashion. Those who are closest to graduating have priority.

Waiting list forms are reviewed in intervals; that is every few weeks and after the release of seats saved by the Southeast Online department.

Instructors of courses taught in our department have asked that the department chair make the decisions on adding students to a closed class.   

If you are enrolled in the course from a Waiting List, you will be contacted by email and you will see the course in your schedule of assignments.

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