• Better Employment Opportunities
  • Increase Your Lifetime Earning Potential by 50%
  • Promotion Advantage
  • Enhance Your Management Skills
  • Increase Your Influence in the Workplace  

Quote from visiting Southeast Executive in Residence Dwain L. Hahs, Sr. Vice President and President Global Vision Care, Bausch & Lomb:

"The MBA is essential in order to get hired and advance to upper-managerial positions with many multinational corporations. We primarily hire MBA's"

Today's business world places new demands on business professionals not only to keep up with local and global change, but also to develop their leadership and interpersonal competencies required to work with people at all organizational levels.

In addition, today's managers must be able to:

  • Address global opportunities, competition, and regulatory issues
  • Utilize the latest technology in production, controls, and communications
  • Interact productively with internationally diverse customers, employees and suppliers

Is An MBA Right For You?

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