Team Membership

Members of the Funding for Results Team 2014-2015

Ex-Officio Members
Chuck McAllister Dean School of Graduate Studies (Chair)
Frank Barrios Dean University Studies
Debbie Below VP Enrollment Management and Student Success
Faculty Representatives
Brian Gehring AY 2013-2015 Business
David Powell AY 2013-2015 Education
Jayanti Ray* AY 2013-2015 Health & Human Services
Debra Holzhauer AY 2014-2016 Liberal Arts
Carl Pracht AY 2014-2016 Kent Library
Jim McGill AY 2015-2017 Science, Technology, & Agriculture
Other Members
Chris McGowan AY 2013-2015 Council of Deans
Kim Fees AY 2014-2016 Professional Staff Council (to complete E. Oliveira’s term)
Karie Hollerbach AY 2015-2017 Chairpersons’ Forum
Fran Scholl* AY 2015-2017 CTS Staff Council
At Large Members
Jean Benton AY 2013-2015 At Large
Santaneel Ghosh AY 2013-2015 At Large
Gail Overbey AY 2013-2015 At Large (to complete D. Gupta’s term)
Rick Palmer AY 2013-2015 At Large
Joe Pujol AY 2013-2015 At Large
Student Representatives
Austin Cordell AY 2015 Undergraduate Student
Ethan Hochstein AY 2015 Undergraduate Student
Regina Wareing AY 2015 Graduate Student

*Second Term


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701
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