Academic Affairs Goals for AY 2016-2017


Accreditation Visits/Reports coming in AY 2016-17
• NAEYC – Seeking reaccreditation for Human Environmental Studies (University School for Young Children) – visit: May 16-June 3, 2016.
• ACEJMC – Seeking reaccreditation for Mass Media (BS Mass Communication) – visit: October 9-12, 2016.
• CIDA – Seeking initial accreditation for Human Environment Studies (BS Human Env. Studies: Interior Design) – visit: November 12-15, 2016.
• NASAD - Seeking initial accreditation for Art (BA art, BFA Visual Arts) – visit: Spring 2017.
• ACS – next 5-year report due in AY 17 for Chemistry (BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Biochemistry, BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Chemistry, BS Chemistry: ACS Certified DNA Analysis, BS Chemistry: ACS Certified Forensic Chemistry.

Collaborations with Colleges (beyond supporting Dean's individual college goals):
• Work with HHS Dean to create a financially sustainable plan for the university childcare centers.
• Work with COLA Dean to secure funding for opening of the new downtown media center.
• Work with HCOB Dean toward implementation of Business Experiential Lab.
• Work with HCOB Dean to explore and possibly implement splitting the Department of Management and Marketing.
• Work with COE Dean for marketing "Redhawk" online student-teacher management system.
• Work with COE Dean to establish a full-time Associate Dean.
• Work with COSTA Dean to identify funding and hire a Department Chair in Computer Science.
• Work with COSTA Dean to create and/or implement the following new degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Science in Unmanned Aircraft Systems.
  • Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems.
  • Master of Science in Cybersecurity.
  • Master of Science in Computer Science..

Academic Affairs/Provost Office:
• Continue working with Institutional Research refining program/department retention data.
• Lead discussions with Deans for using retention data to improve program/department retention as the University progresses toward an 80% freshman to sophomore retention rate.
• Work with Academic Advising to establish a "master advisor" program and faculty credential.
• Complete an initiative for every department to review tenure, promotion, and annual merit guidelines.
• Standardize and streamline the cyclical program review process, including the use of external reviewers for non-accredited programs.
• Enhance, implement, and standardize the annual program assessment process continuing to work for a culture of continuous improvement.
• Collaborate with the University Studies Council to review and revise the University Studies Program.
• Expand and continue implementing the Entrepreneurship initiative across Academic Affairs.
• Create and implement an internal grant program supporting student research with faculty mentors.
• Investigate additional resources for promoting and expanding the faculty sabbatical program.
• Pursue and implement plan to reorganize Provost's Office operations, including the addition of two Associate Provost positions.
• Continue working with Enrollment Management and Student Success to organize, publicize, and implement international study abroad and faculty exchange agreements.
• Work with Deans to envision academic program partnerships with universities in Central America and the Caribbean (i.e. Cuba, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico).
• Initiate, search, and successfully hire new Dean for the Harrison College of Business.
• Contract with and begin using Hanover Research for collecting and reporting benchmark data and best practices among peer institutions.


Academic Hall 130
Office of the Provost
One University Plaza, MS 3400
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701