Southeast Missouri State University

Billing Information

SFS sends monthly billing statements for charges due on account to anyone who has a balance due the University.

Fall billing statements are typically mailed around the second week in July and are typically due in early August.  Spring billing statements are mailed around the first week of December and are due in early January.

NOTE:  Subsequent billing statements are mailed to the student's temporary local or on-campus address.  "Minimum amount due" balances not paid by the stated due date will result in a late payment fee per month and the possibililty of cancellation of class schedules and housing contracts.

Students may initiate a billing address for the purposes of account billing.  Billing addresses should be added to the student's account through the Southeast portal. (

Payment Information

Payment of Account Balances

Students are required to pay their account balances by published deadlines using one of the following payment options:

  • Payment in full
    • MasterCard, VISA, Discover by phone (573) 651-2253
    • Online with a personal check through the My Southeast student portal
    • In person at the Cashier's Office (Academic Hall, Room 018)
  • Installment Payment Plan
  • Confirmed financial aid greater than account balance

Students must pay all outstanding balances before being eligible to:

  • Re-enroll
  • Obtain a class schedule
  • Receive other University services
  • Receive transcripts 
Methods of Payment

 Southeast accepts payment by the following methods:

  • Money Order/Cash
    • In person:  Cashier's Office, Academic Hall Room 018
  • Check
  • Credit Card (MasterCard, VISA or Discover)
    • In person or by mail
    • Telephone:  Student Financial Services (573) 651-2253.

All students are obligated to pay promptly all charges owed on their account, including all attorney fees, collection agency referral fees, and other reasonable collection costs to collect unpaid balances.

A statement of account is mailed monthly to each actively enrolled student who has a balance due the University.

International Wire Payments

Southeast Missouri State University has partnered with peerTransfer to offer a streamlined and cost effective payment method to send international payments.

NOTE:  Please check your account before wiring funds.  Do NOT send more than the account balance; overpayments may cause your payment to be returned.


Pay now with peerTransfer

  • Offers excellent foreign exchange rates
  • Eliminates hidden bank fees
  • Captures all student information so you are ensured timely processing
  • For customer support, contact peerTransfer by chat, Skype, email and phone.

Installment Payment Plan

Southeast offers an Installment Payment Plan (IPP) for our students who wish to pay their semester charges on a monthly basis or do not pay the semester's charges in full by the payment due date. 

Calculating the IPP

The IPP will calculate all current semester charges.  The first payment of each plan will include the first installment, plus associated costs to enroll in the specific plan, plus any prior semester charges (if applicable).  Past-due charges and the fee for enrollment in an IPP option cannot be placed on the IPP but must be paid in full on or before the time the IPP enrollment is requested.

Enrolling in the IPP
  • Contact Student Financial Services at (573) 651-2253 with your first installment payment using MasterCard, VISA or Discover
  • Online through the student Portal when making your first installment payment by online check
  • In person at the Cashier's Office
  • Mailing in your first installment payment noting which IPP option you have chosen

NOTE:  IPP enrollment is per semester.  You must indicate at the beginning of each semester which IPP option you have chosen to enroll in.

Please review the IPP Terms and Conditions

All IPPs are arranged through Student Financial Services, Academic Hall 019, (573) 651-2253.

Spring 2014 Payment Due Dates

Payment Option Payment Due Date Payment Due Date Payment Due Date Payment Due Date Non-Refundable Enrollment Fee
2 Payment Jan 6, 2014 Feb 20, 2014 N/A N/A $15.00
3 Payment Jan 6, 2014 Feb 20, 2014 Mar 14, 2014 N/A $20.00
4 Payment Jan 6, 2014 Feb 20, 2014 Mar 14, 2014 Apr 17, 2014 $25.00

Please contact Student Financial Services at (573) 651-2253 with any questions.

Financial Probation/Suspension/Withdrawal

If a student's account is past due, the student may be placed on Financial Probation. When, after University efforts to notify the student of Financial Probation, the student does not take appropriate action to pay delinquent charges, the student may be placed on Financial Suspension. If placed on Financial Suspension, the student is ineligible to attend classes, take examinations, receive grades, or participate in University-sanctioned events. A student on Financial Suspension can be reinstated back into good financial standing by contacting a Financial Counselor in Student Financial Services and paying their delinquent balance PLUS a reinstatement fee.

If the delinquent charges that caused the Financial Suspension are not resolved by a specific date established by the Student Financial Services Office, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the University and will not receive grades for that specific term, although their outstanding balance remains due the University.