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Southeast Placement Information

Welcome to Southeast Missouri State University! We look forward to working with you as your educational partner as you begin to fulfill your academic goals. One important step on your educational journey is completing the mathematics requirement for your chosen major. While college and major requirements vary, all students at Southeast must successfully complete an appropriate mathematics course to receive a degree. Our mathematics placement process will help you find the best course for you and your program.

Southeast students are initially placed into a mathematics course based on the ACT Math subscore or the SAT Math Score. These scores must have been earned within the past three years to be used for math placement.

Mathematics Placements at Southeast Missouri State University based on ACT Math Subscores and SAT Math Scores
ACT Math Subscore SAT Math Score (before April 2016) SAT Math Score (April 2016 to present) Mathematics Course Placement
0 – 14 0 – 359 0 – 399 MA050
15 – 21 360 – 519 400 – 549 MA115, MA123/023, MA128/018, MA155/055 (these are courses that allow the student to take their university required mathematics course with a developmental algebra component)
22+ 520+ 550+ MA116, MA123, MA128, MA137, MA155
24+ 560+ 580+ MA139
26+ 600+ 620+ MA140

What if I don’t have an ACT or SAT score OR I don’t agree with my initial Mathematics Placement based on my ACT or SAT scores? Students have the option of taking an online mathematics placement exam. There are four (4) different exam levels, and the student can opt to take one or more exams to demonstrate their readiness for a specific mathematics course. Taking the mathematics placement exam is NOT required, but it is necessary if the student wants a higher mathematics placement for their initial mathematics course at Southeast Missouri State University.

If you have taken a math course at a post-secondary institution within the last three years or are currently enrolled in a math course at a post-secondary institution, this recent math course will be used to determine your math placement. You may not take the online Math Placement Exam to change your placement.


The Frequently Asked Questions link has suggestions for the appropriate placement test(s) to take and the deadlines for passing them.

I understand the policy and know which test to take, so how do I get started?

Practice Placement Exams

Be sure you complete the Orientation to Lumen OHM Software Assignment prior to doing any of the other practices or exams. We highly recommend that you complete a practice exam prior to taking the actual placement exam. This will insure you know how to successfully enter answers and work within the rules of the online placement test system.

I am ready to take a test.

Placement Exams

Be sure to fill out the registration carefully so that we can correctly credit you with the placement exam score you have earned.

Good luck!

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