The Communications Division of the Department of Public Safety is responsible for the answering of 911 calls, the monitoring of campus alarms, as well as the dispatching of emergency services.

Reporting Campus Emergencies & Crimes

From a University Extension

To contact University Police, Fire, or Ambulance, dial 911.

From a Cell Phone

Because cell phones will not always connect to the closest 911 call center, please program the University Police 24-hour Emergency Number into your cell phone: 573-651-2911. Call this number to report a campus emergency or crime from your cell phone to ensure the quickest response.

When should I call Emergency 911?

Call 911 when there is a crime in progress, a fire, a medical emergency, when someone is in physical danger or in other situations in which help is required immediately. When reporting an emergency, the following information will be needed:

  1. The caller's name and phone number
  2. Location of the emergency
  3. Type of emergency, injuries
  4. Number of victims
  5. Age(s) of victim(s)

For more information on the history and development of the 911 system, consult the National Emergency Number Association at 740-622-8911, or refer to their website.

The University has installed emergency call boxes throughout the campus. These phones are strategically placed around campus, easily visible and will connect you directly to campus police.

If I have a problem but it's not an emergency, who should I call?

For those situations in which the immediate intervention of emergency personnel is not required, call 651-2215, the 24-hour general information line of the University Police Department. If you live in a municipality, call your municipal police department. When reporting a situation which is not an emergency, the following information will be needed:

  1. Caller's name and phone number
  2. Location of the incident
  3. Type of incident
  4. Number of persons involved

Road and weather conditions are monitored by DPS and information on these can be obtained 24 hours a day at the general information line.

Information is available on parking and the University shuttles, or inquiries can be made by calling the DPS general information line, 651-2215. More information on the city of Cape Girardeau can be found on the city website.