1. Abandoned/Disabled Vehicles – Any motor vehicle in a condition that precludes its use on any public street or highway parked in the same location for more than 72 hours.
  2. Employee – Any individual employed by the University other than those classified as student employees.
  3. Parked/Parking – To put or leave a vehicle for a time in a certain location with or without the occupancy of the driver.
  4. Parking Lot – Any place or area set aside, marked, posted or intended for parking.
  5. Parking Permit – That object, either hangtag or decal, which identifies a motor vehicle as one that is authorized for parking on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University. Decals are permanently affixed to the driver’s side rear window on the outside of the window.
  6. Registration – The recording of a motor vehicle with Southeast Missouri State University Parking Services for a parking permit that authorizes a motor vehicle for parking on the campus.
  7. Student – Those persons pursuing ANY course of study at Southeast Missouri State University, other than those persons classified as University employees.
  8. Visitor – Any person who is not an employee or student of the University.
  9. Auto Boot – A device, for parking enforcement purposes, placed on the vehicle wheel to prevent movement of the vehicle.
  10. Car Pooling – Is defined as two or more individuals who ride together and arrive and depart the Campus at the same time. Individuals who merely “share” or drive the same vehicle at different times to the Campus are not eligible for car pool parking passes.
  11. Parking Meters – May be used by faculty, staff, students and visitors to the University. Parking meters are designated for 30-minute or two-hour time limit from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and for 24-hour use. Time limited parking meters are used as permit only spaces after 5 p.m.
  1. ALL vehicles that park on Southeast Missouri State University property must display a current parking permit.
  2. Vehicles without appropriate parking permits will be ticketed, booted and/or towed.
  3. Any tickets issued to the vehicle with a permit are the responsibility of the permit holder.
  4. Registrants agree to follow all parking rules and regulations and further agree to and realize they are responsible for all fines issued to the permit.
  5. Southeast Missouri State University bears no responsibility for any damage to vehicles parked on University-owned parking lots or local streets.
  6. All registration information is verified. False information will be corrected and appropriate parking assigned. Errors discovered after a permit is issued will result in permit recall and PERIMETER PARKING WILL BE ASSIGNED.
  7. Only one permit type may be displayed on a vehicle at any time.
  8. Parking permits are current through the academic year of issue.
  9. Application for parking permits can be made by mail or online at “My Southeast” beginning in July for the fall semester. Preferred parking is assigned through a lottery system.
  10. Temporary or Special Permit– If a vehicle, other than the one with the parking permit, is parking on campus, a free temporary permit must be obtained from Parking Services and displayed from the rearview mirror of the alternate vehicle.
    1. Temporary parking is assigned based on the lot for which the purchased permit is valid.
    2. If a car will be parked on campus temporarily and no permit has been purchased, a special permit must be obtained for display and parking will be restricted to perimeter lots only.
    3. Individuals who require special parking arrangements must first purchase a minimum of a perimeter parking permit. Documentation as to the need for special parking must be provided. Special parking arrangements are evaluated and assigned individually.
  11. Parents, Relatives and Visitors– are encouraged to obtain a visitor’s pass from Parking Services. This is a free permit.
    1. Parents and Relatives – Students will be assessed parking fines received by parents or relatives. Should this occur the parent or relative should bring the ticket to Parking Services immediately.
    2. Visitors – Are encouraged to obtain a visitor parking permit from Parking Services when they arrive.
  12. Permit Return– Permits may be credited according to the following criteria:
    1. A student withdraws from school during the period established in the University refund schedule.
    2. A student graduates after a completed fall semester.
    3. A student does not return for a spring semester after a completed fall semester. The permit must be returned during finals week of the fall semester. The student must remain active during the entire fall semester. If you meet one of the listed criteria, contact Parking Services.
  13. Damaged, Sold or Traded Vehicles – If the vehicle displaying the original parking permit is damaged, sold or traded, the original permit must be removed and returned to Parking Services to receive a replacement permit. Failure to return the original permit will result in the appropriate semester permit fee for a replacement permit.
  1. Preferred Parking Permits
    1. Preferred parking is obtained through a seniority based lottery system.
    2. The lottery is open for applications for a designated period during the month of July for the following academic year.
    3. There are two classifications of preferred parking-preferred commuter and preferred resident.
      1. Preferred Commuter parking is available to those students who do not live in residence halls and have completed 30 or more credit hours.
      2. Preferred Resident parking is available to students living in residence halls, who have completed 30 hours of course work. Residence hall parking is reserved for those vehicles bearing the assigned lot designation only.
    4. Preferred parking permits will be distributed while availability remains.
    5. When preferred parking is no longer available, perimeter parking will be assigned and the applicant’s name is placed on a waiting list. If perimeter parking is refused by a student who is not selected in the lottery, the applicant’s name IS NOT added to any waiting list.
    6. Spring preferred parking will be assigned by waiting list only.
    7. Waiting list assignments will be made only for those students who have purchased perimeter parking and meet the hour requirements.
    8. Only one preferred parking assignment will be made. Once it has been assigned, the permit is valid for that preferred group only and perimeter lots.
    9. If a preferred parking lot is full, alternate parking is in any perimeter lot.
    10. The cost of preferred parking permits are:
      1. Fall, Spring and Summer - $155
      2. Spring and Summer - $116
      3. River Campus - $135
      4. River Campus Upgrade - $25
  2. Perimeter Parking Permits
    1. Perimeter parking is available to:
      1. Students with 29 or less completed cumulative hours.
      2. Students who applied for preferred parking but were denied.
      3. Students who choose it.
    2. Students who choose perimeter parking may park in any of the lots designated as any permit.
    3. Perimeter parking lots are serviced by a shuttle.
      1. The shuttle makes regular stops between 7:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. each weekday.
      2. An evening shuttle will make daily stops in the lots from 4:30 p.m. until 2 a.m.
      3. All University shuttles are accessible for people with disabilities.
    4. The cost of perimeter parking permits are:
      1. Fall, Spring and Summer - $105
      2. Spring and Summer - $79
      3. Summer - $59
  3. Evening Only Permits
    1. Evening Only permits may be purchased by:
      1. Students attending only evening classes.
      2. Students who choose to park on campus only after 1:30 p.m.
    2. Evening Only permits are valid between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 7 a.m. in any preferred commuter lot and between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. in employee lots, except at residence halls.
    3. The cost of an evening only permit is:
      1. Fall, Spring and Summer - $55
      2. Spring and Summer-$41
    4. Evening Only permits may park in preferred commuter and perimeter lots during the summer months.
  4. Disabled Parking Permits
    1. Only vehicles displaying state issued disabled license plates or hangtags may park in disabled spaces.
    2. Faculty and staff must display a current employee permit or hangtag, in addition to the disabled license plate or disabled hangtag when parked in disabled spaces.
    3. Students must display a perimeter parking permit in addition to the disabled license plate or disabled hangtag when parked in disabled spaces.
    4. All disabled parking request are determined by physician statement on the form that is required by the state licensing agent.
    5. Both permanent and temporary disabled plates and hangtags must be coordinated through the state licensing agent.
    6. Applicants must provide state receipts of license to verify hangtag use.
    7. Disabled permits are issued pursuant to RSMO 301.142.1 and Cape Girardeau city ordinance.
    8. Disabled spaces are illustrated on the map by the wheelchair symbol.
    9. Other special parking requests should be coordinated with Parking Services.
    10. In the event disabled parking is not available, individuals may park in the next available legal parking space with the exception of metered spaces and those spaces signed as reserved parking.
    11. Additional disabled spaces are located at the Transit Nexus, off New Madrid Street. The shuttle service is an accessible route to the entire campus, as well as the River Campus.
  5. Employee Parking Permits
    1. Employee parking is available in lots identified by faculty/staff signs.
    2. Permits are issued based upon verification of faculty or staff status.
    3. Employee permits should not be given to family members or loaned to students for parking use.
    4. The replacement cost of employee permits is $35
  6. Car Pool Permits
    1. Car pool permits will be requested in person at Parking Services. Each member of the car pool will be present to sign the user agreement. The hang tag will not be issued until all persons in the car pool have completed a user agreement.
    2. Car pool permits will be hang tags that are transferable between vehicles in the pool. Permits will be issued for an academic year, as are all other parking permits.
    3. The cost of car pool permits are:
      1. Fall, Spring, and Summer - $220
      2. Spring and Summer - $165
      3. Summer - $124
    1. All regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, every day.
    2. The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour, except where otherwise posted.
      1. Cheney Drive – Enter from Henderson (Restricted)
      2. Parker Drive between Cheney Hall and Towers. (Restricted)
      3. Towers exit ramp, off Sprigg Street (One-way)
      4. Greek Drive – Enter from New Madrid at Henderson (One-way)
      5. Parking Lot 1-23 Dearmont Circle – Enter from eastbound Normal Avenue (One-way).
      6. Entrance to Faculty/Staff Parking Lot 4-14 (One-way)
      7. Academic Drive - Enter from N. Henderson (One-Way)
      8. Any other location designated by one-way signs
    3. Grey concrete parking blocks represent parking spaces in gravel parking lots.
    4. Yellow parking blocks and curbs are NO PARKING ZONES.
    5. Red curbs are fire lanes - NO PARKING ZONES. TOW AWAY ZONE.
    6. NO PARKING is allowed on the grass, in or blocking driveways or on sidewalks.
    7. Lot Use and Limits
      1. Preferred Commuter lots are reserved for students with the preferred commuter decal specific to its lot from 7 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. After 1:30 p.m., preferred commuter lots become available to any student permit. At 5 p.m., Faculty/Staff lots become available to any student permit until 7 a.m. Preferred Resident and Faculty/Staff lots/spaces at residence halls are not included in this regulation and are reserved, as posted, 24 hours a day.
    8. Parking Meters
      1. May be used by faculty, staff, students and visitors to the University. Parking meters are designated for 30-minute or two-hour time limit from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and for 24-hour use. Time limited parking meters are used as permit only spaces after 5 p.m. Parking Meters at TOWERS COMPLEX are ALWAYS used as metered parking and enforced 24 hours a day.
    9. Time Limit Parking 
      1. Some parking spaces and parking lots are identified by signs with specific time allotment. Time limits are in effect from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. After 5 p.m. they are used as permit only spaces.
    10. Special Use Parking
      1. Parking lot 1-8 at Houck Field House is a Faculty/ Staff and 2-Hour Visitor lot. For home football games, the lot is closed the day before the game and used only for game-day functions.
      2. Parking lot 1-22 across from Southeast Bookstore is 2-Hour parking for visitors to the University. Additional visitor parking is available in lot 1-8 in front of Houck Field House. Faculty, staff and students who are using the University Center may park in the lot for the 2-hour time period. Misuse of the lot will be enforced on complaint and tickets and/or towing will result.
      3. Parking lot 5-3 at the Student Recreation Center – North is by permit only. Student parking is available to any permit for a 2-hour limit in designated spaces. Community members and University employee parking is available for a 2-hour limit in designated spaces. During Show-Me Center events, the lot is closed and is not available for Recreation Center parking.
    11. Weekend Resident Hall Parking
      1. Parking lot 1-10 at Broadway and Henderson and parking lot 3-9 at Towers Garage become available for any permit and visitors on Fridays at 5 p.m. through Sundays at 5 p.m.
    12. Traffic Gates and Transitway
      1. Traffic gates are installed to restrict general traffic from specific areas of the Transitway and other campus service drives.
      2. Unauthorized access through a traffic gate or unauthorized attempts to gain access through a traffic gate is prohibited.
      3. Transitway is restricted to University shuttle buses, emergency vehicles and University service vehicles. Transitway restricted by signs without traffic gates is not accessible to general traffic.
      4. Tickets, boots, tows and/or notices to appear will be issued for unauthorized driving on the transit way.
    13. Summer Parking
      1. Students enrolled for only the summer session may register for permits at the perimeter rate of $59.
      2. Current permits issued during the previous fall or spring semesters are valid during the summer session. Students with these permits need not register for the summer session.
      3. Students with current permits are allowed to park in any student parking lot for summer sessions. Faculty/Staff lots are always reserved for Faculty/Staff permits.
      4. Faculty and Staff with current permits may park in any student parking lot during the summer sessions.
    14. Car Pool
      1. Spaces are designated as car pool parking by signage. Should the car pool spaces be filled, car poolers will park in perimeter parking lot and use the shuttle service to reach the interior of campus.
      2. Cars without car pool permits hat are parked in car pool spaces will be ticketed and towed. Cars with car pool permits parked in spaces other than car pool spaces will ticketed.
      3. Car pool spaces will not be available to any permit parking at 1:30, as in preferred commuter lots. Car pool permits are only valid in car pool spaces from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
      4. Car pool spaces are located in the following parking lots:
        1. Parking Lot #1-20 Kent Library
        2. Parking Lot #2-09 Pacific & Normal
        3. Parking Lot #4-12 Dempster Hall
        4. Parking Lot #4-14 Johnson Hall
    15. Penalties – Parking violations are described below. NOTE THE INCREASED PENALTY FOR SECOND AND SUBSEQUENT VIOLATIONS.
      Vehicle Not Registered $20 $40
      Parked in Reserved Lot/Space $10 $20
      Improper Parking* $10 $20
      Parked in Yellow Zone $10 $20
      Parked in Fire Lane (Tow) $50 $100
      Parked in Handicap** (Tow) $50 $100
      C & I Driving/Wrong Way $20 $40
      Driving Unauthorized / Restricted Drive $10 $20
      Permit not Properly Displayed $5 $10
      Not Parked in Assigned Lot $20 $40
      Parked in Preferred w/o Preferred Permit $40 $80
      Vehicle Boot*** $50 $100

      *Crosswalk, Driveway, Sidewalk, Grass, Not a Parking Space, Expired Meter, Time Limit Parking
      **Disabled space without a permit, Disabled space without occupant with disabilities
      ***Lost/Stolen Permit, False Permit, SFS, Unidentified, Excessive Violations, Revoked/Suspended Parking Privileges

    16. Appeals
      1. The appeal process is the first step by which students, faculty and staff contest parking tickets.
      2. Tickets must be appealed within 15 days of the ticket date, online at ‘My Southeast.’
      3. Appeal hearing dates are scheduled monthly.
      4. Violation fines are charged to the appellant’s account.
      5. A ticket pending appeal is not excluded from payment.
      6. Appeals found in the appellant’s favor will be credited to the account
      7. Questions about or help with online appeals should be referred to Parking Services
    17. Vehicle Tow/Boot
      1. All improperly parked vehicles are subject to tow or boot at the discretion of parking enforcement personnel.
      2. Vehicles may be immobilized or towed for lost or stolen permit, false permit, non-payment of fines, unidentified operator, excessive violations or revoked or suspended parking privileges.
      3. Tow/boot fees are the owner’s expense.
      4. The University is not responsible for any damage incurred during towing or booting of the vehicle
    18. Excessive violations
      1. If parking tickets accrue and become excessive, student violation files are referred to Student Conduct and faculty/staff violation files are referred to the director of Human Resources. Additional information regarding excessive violation processes is available from the manager for Parking Services.

Changes in University parking regulations will be officially announced in University media and will become effective the date of announcement. Any recommendations regarding changes may be referred to the director of the Department of Public Safety.