About TLCs

Themed/Learning Communities are groups of students with a shared academic interest and/or experience who live together, either on the same floor or within the building. Learning communities provide residents an opportunity to challenge and shape their personal and professional identities. This is accomplished through building a community conducting socialized programming that is designed by faculty and staff from your academic area, and providing access to resources that will aid in classroom success.

Research has shown that students living in learning communities have a better understanding of the academic material, better interpersonal and critical thinking skills, and a stronger connection with faculty members and the institution (Shapiro and Levine). The university benefits by retaining more students that in turn persist until graduation (Shapiro and Levine). The Office of Residence Life, in conjunction with our many academic partners, is pleased to offer Themed/Learning Community Experiences in the subjects or interest areas listed below. Click on a link to learn more about that specific program.

How to apply for Themed/Learning Communities?

Individual communities have different membership criteria; see individual community pages for specifics. Learning Communities are focused on many different academic interests. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. To apply for membership please fill out the online application that is located on each individual community page.

Students living in themed/learning communities will:
  • live together, often on the same residence hall floor
  • learn together through at least one shared class, community dependent
  • connect to students, upper-class, student mentors, and faculty with shared interests
  • prepare for the future through exclusive academic, social, and professional activities and events
  • benefit from academic support programs
  • take field trips and participate in community service projects